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Why Cube

Spreadsheet Meets Software

Cube brings the best of both worlds – an intuitive and powerful platform that can be onboarded
in days, not months.

Be More Productive

Reduce 75% of efforts that spreadsheet-based organizations spend on planning.

Speed Of Collaboration

Stop emailing spreadsheets and manually reviewing changes. Cube provides auto-notifications, reminders, and more.

Reduce Errors

An estimated 88% of spreadsheets have errors—make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Bye Bye Manual Work, Hello Automation

Do more with fewer resources—automate your most repetitive tasks like actualizing models, building new versions for different stakeholders, updating mapping tables, and more.

Your Single Source of Truth

Accounting has the General Ledger, Sales has the CRM, so don't Finance and FP&A deserve a single source of truth? Bring it all together in one place, no more disparate spreadsheets. Cube is the new home for FP&A.

Set It and Forget It Controls

User and group-based permissions means you can easily share information with the teams who need it and limit access for the people who don’t. Get notified and track when changes are made in the areas that matter.

Real Alignment Across The Org

Keep everyone on track with task management and clear visibility into deadlines, get real-time updates when data is submitted or key metrics change, and assign tasks and allow others to collaborate.

Easy Onboarding

A three-step process allows companies to start using the platform in days—not months—removing the long-painful onboarding of other solutions.

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Ease of use


Return on Investment