KPIs and Metrics

We've rounded up our top KPIs and metrics to help you measure performance and gauge your organization's financial health.

Keep Your Best Customers: Track (and Control) Revenue Churn

Learn how to calculate, interpret, and improve your SaaS business's revenue churn in this quick...

LTV/CAC Ratio: Your Secret Technique to Measure Sales & Marketing ROI

How do you measure your sales spend? What do the numbers say about spending more on marketing? The...

[Template Included] Calculate + Improve Gross & Net Revenue Retention

Gross Revenue Retention (GRR) and Net Revenue Retention (NRR), sometimes called GDR and NDR, are...

The Rule of 40: What is it and why is it so important?

Evaluate your business's sustainability with the Rule of 40 by using profit margin and growth rate...

Are Your Marketing Efforts Paying Off? Your Look at the CAC Metric

The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) metric calculates the sales and marketing costs it takes in...

SaaS Magic Number: The Single Most Important Growth Flag in SaaS

Your SaaS magic number is a powerful indicator of when it's time to grow. Learn how to calculate...

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): Quantify Your Customers (in Revenue)

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is an essential metric to for any SaaS business. In this blog post,...

Feel the Burn: A Guide to Gross Burn vs. Net Burn

Gross burn and net burn each contribute to a company’s understanding of how long the company can...

Quick Ratio vs. Current Ratio: The Quick Difference

Learn the quick difference between the quick vs. current ratio and when you best use each metric in...

Net dollar retention: why NDR is your new north star

Net dollar retention (NDR) or net revenue retention (NRR) is a north star metric for SaaS companies...

Driver-based planning: let the numbers lead the way

Driver-based planning is one of the best paradigms for your next budgeting cycle. What drives...

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