How it works

Accelerate your FP&A and drive strategic outcomes

Analyze, plan, and collaborate with the ultimate speed and confidence.

Features that do the heavy lifting

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    Automated data Consolidation

    Connect data from multiple sources for automated rollups and drilldowns.

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    Multi-scenario analysis

    Seamlessly model how changes to key assumptions affect overall outputs.

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    Customizable dashboards

    Build and share customizable dashboards and reports from reusable templates to flexible ad-hoc reporting.

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    Spreadsheet integrations

    We love Excel and all of your hotkeys, too! We're compatible and bi-directional with any spreadsheet.

  • Multi-currency

    Multi-currency support

    Evaluate your financials in both your local and reporting currencies.

  • User-based

    User-based controls

    User controls, validations, and an audit trail ensure that the right data goes to the right people at the right time.

  • Shareable templates

    Shareable templates

    Customizable, best-practice templates can easily be shared.

  • Drilldown

    Drilldown and audit trail

    Get straight to the transactions and history behind a single cell of data in just one click.

  • Centralized

    Centralized formulas and KPIs

    Store all of your calculations in a central location and manage from a single source of truth.

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I can get data out quicker and in a meaningful way.

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Stephanie McVey



Streamline manual data, reduce errors, and improve collaboration, so you can make smarter business decisions in a fraction of the time.


    Smarter, faster insights

    Cube moves as fast as your business, so you can plan when you want to with ease.


    Trust in the numbers

    Have confidence in your data and forecasts. Fewer errors means you can sleep at night.


    Cross-functional alignment

    Leverage finance as a business partner to get everyone on the same page.


    More time to move the needle

    Get time back, so you can focus more on the work that matters and less on double-checking.


    FP&A expertise at your fingertips

    Collaborate with industry-leading FP&A experts and an award-winning support team.


    Work where you’re most comfortable

    Meet other business users where they live everyday: the spreadsheet.

A faster, smarter FP&A experience in under 2 weeks

  • Access to an ever-growing community
  • Award-winning in-house support team
  • Founded by FP&A pros

"What had been weekends or nights became a click with Cube."

Sid Upadhyay

CEO & Co-Founder, WizeHire

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