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Make smarter business decisions in a fraction of the time.

Features that do the heavy lifting for you

  • how-it-works-automated

    Automated data consolidation

    Connect data from multiple sources for automated rollups and drilldowns.

  • how-it-works-scenario

    Multi-scenario analysis

    Seamlessly model how changes to key assumptions affect overall outputs.

  • how-it-works-customizable

    Customizable dashboards

    Build and share customizable dashboards and reports from reusable templates to flexible ad-hoc reporting.

  • how-it-works-spread

    Spreadsheet integrations

    We love Excel and all of your hotkeys, too! We're compatible and bi-directional with any spreadsheet.

  • Multi-currency

    Multi-currency support

    Evaluate your financials in local and reporting currencies.

  • User-based

    User-based controls

    User controls, validations, and an audit trail ensure that the right data goes to the right people at the right time.

  • Shareable templates

    Shareable templates

    Easily share customizable, best-practice templates

  • Drilldown

    Drilldown and audit trail

    Get straight to the transactions and history behind a single cell of data in just one click.

  • Centralized

    Centralized formulas and KPIs

    Store all of your calculations in a central location and manage from a single source of truth.

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I can get data out quicker and in a meaningful way.

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Stephanie McVey



Automate manual workflows, reduce errors, and improve collaboration so you can make smarter business decisions in a fraction of the time.


    Smarter, faster insights

    Cube keeps pace with your business so you can plan with ease and report in real-time.


    Trust in the numbers

    Have confidence in your data and forecasts. Fewer errors means you can sleep better at night.


    Cross-functional alignment

    Finance is more than just a bookkeeper. As a strategic business partner, get everyone on the same page with intuitive reporting.


    More time to move the needle

    Work smarter. Stop triple-checking your numbers and start prioritizing strategy and analysis.


    FP&A expertise at your fingertips

    Collaborate with industry-leading FP&A experts and an award-winning support team.


    Work where you’re most comfortable

    Meet other business users where they work everyday: the spreadsheet.