Simple & Intuitive Experience
Full Excel, Google Sheets, and Web compatibility on Mac and PC
Not compatible with Google Sheets. Excel Add-in not supported on Mac OS
Prebuilt connectors for QuickBooks, NetSuite, & Salesforce
Prebuilt connectors for NetSuite and MS Dynamics 365
Fast Time To Value & Lower Cost
Intuitive design gets you started in as little as 10 days for high impact
Technical implementations & costly consultants take month to go live
Short implementations means lower cost & higher ROI
Longer implementations increase costs & dalay benefits
Adapts to Changing Needs
Easy to use as a spreadsheet. Add new models, scenarios & workflows on the fly
Flexible in some areas, highly rigid in others. Users divert to offline Excel for operational modeling
Owned & managed entirely by Finance, no technical admins required
Requires IT admins & technical consultants to make even small changes

How it works

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