Use Cases

Whatever your need, we equip you to succeed.

  • Reporting & KPIs

    Reporting & KPIs

    Automate, Actualize, Analyze

    Cloud-enabled reporting from the comfort of your spreadsheet.

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  • Forecasting & Budgeting

    Forecasting & Budgeting

    Driver-Based, Dynamic Planning

    Collaborate with business managers to build accurate forecasts and plans based on the most up-to-date assumptions and drivers.

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  • Close & Consolidate

    Close & Consolidate

    Get the numbers fast so you can get to work

    Centralize and consolidate disparate data sources into a single source of truth for easy analysis and reporting.

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  • Collaboration & Control

    Collaboration & Control

    Better Teamwork, Fewer Errors

    Get visibility into data changes, ensure collaborators see only what's relevant to them, and track versions in a central location.

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Learn how Cube solves for the most common limitations of traditional FP&A.

  • The Problem with Spreadsheets

    Manual, Error-Prone and Built for Single User

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  • The Problem with Legacy FP&A Software

    Difficult to Deploy, Adopt and Adapt

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