Why choose Cube over Datarails?

Cube was CFO-founded and built for FP&A from day one.

Universal compatibility means you can start in an average of just two weeks, so analyzing, planning, & collaborating moves in record time.

That's 5x faster than the competition.

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We looked at other tools but they were either too complex or were going to take too long to implement. Cube was a no-brainer for us.


Sid Upadhyay

CEO & Co-Founder

Compare Cube with Datarails

The only universal spreadsheet experience

Cube is the only FP&A software that natively integrates with both Excel and Google Sheets

Work faster and with more confidence in your numbers—and because Cube works with Google Sheets and the Apple ecosystem, collaborating across departments in real time has never been easier.

Plan a vacation, not an implementation. Most teams onboard with Cube in less than 2 weeks. That's 5x faster than the competition.

  • Connects with all your tools

    ✅ Full Excel and Google Sheets compatibility on Mac and PC.

    ✅ Prebuilt and custom connectors for most major ERP, CRM, HRIS, and other source systems.

    ❌ Limited Mac OS X compatibility

    ❌ No native Google Sheets compatibility

  • Fast time to value and high sustained productivity

    ✅ Gets you started in as little as 10 days for lower cost & higher ROI.

    ✅ Intuitive design makes it easy to onboard new users.

    ❌ Excel report creation requires complex formulas to pull information into spreadsheets.

    ❌ Longer implementation and training timeline.

  • Adapts to your evolving needs

    ✅ Everyone knows how to use a spreadsheet. Add new models, scenarios, and workflows on the fly.

    ✅ Award-winning and easy-to-access North America-based support team with FP&A experience.

    ❌ Requires knowledge of Datarails-specific formulas which may be difficult to audit.

    ❌ Limited to Excel, so less practical to scale outside of Finance.

How Cube Works

Accelerate your FP&A from where you live every day.

The power of purpose-built FP&A meets the trust and speed of Excel and Google Sheets.

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Our Founding Story

Built by Finance, for Finance

As a former CFO & Finance leader, I spent way too many late nights in the office, increasingly frustrated by the manual, error-prone nature of FP&A.

I hated playing bad cop, chasing teams for their numbers and spending long hours consolidating data and updating models that would later break. I tried other leading solutions but found them heavy and difficult to adopt throughout the organization.

We created Cube for finance teams like ours. We needed a flexible but powerful solution to do more in less time, with fewer errors and better collaboration. Software that's easy enough for the entire business to use, but agile enough to implement and learn in just days. Cube promises to be that solution, and we hope to delight you in the process.

- Christina Ross, CEO & Founder

Customer stories

Background Stephanie McVey

I can focus more time on analysis instead of creation. I'm getting out of data collection and into the strategy game.

Stephanie McVey


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Spreadsheets are a universal and agile business tool. Since we have a ton of experience in making spreadsheets do what we want, we wanted an FP&A tool that could leverage that skillset.


Nigel Glenday

CFO & Board Member

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We're now able to perform faster, more robust analyses. This makes us better financial partners to our leadership team.

isaac-wooten (1)

Isaac Wooten

Senior Director of Strategic Finance

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A faster, smarter FP&A experience in under 2 weeks

  • Access to an ever-growing community
  • Award-winning in-house support team
  • Founded by FP&A pros

Cube gives me peace of mind because I don't have to go back in and double-check my numbers. I can do things other than closing.

Kristina Delvalle

VP of Finance and Strategy

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