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Finally, the “just right” solution. Experience the power of purpose-built FP&A alongside the ease of Excel & Google Sheets.




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How the CFO of Masterworks used Cube to forecast and realize their unicorn valuation

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How enhanced transparency in FP&A helps Unqork make agile, informed decisions and fuels rapid growth

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Analyze instantly

Streamline manual data, reduce errors, and drill down so you can make smarter business decisions in a fraction of the time.

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Plan confidently

Create accurate reports in seconds. Move faster with Cube—automate, actualize, and control with the click of a button.

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Collaborate seamlessly

Cube lets you access data from the spreadsheet, making it easy for anyone to use and adopt. Validations, user controls, and an audit trail give you the peace of mind that your data is correct, secure, and in the right place.

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ian v - g2

Ian V.

Manager, FP&A

Using the same setup you have in Excel and import that to a Google Sheet without losing any functionality has helped improve the collaboration between different business functions as we work through forecasts and annual planning.


Kristina D - g2

Kristina D.

VP of Finance & Strategy

Cube simplified my life by taking away the manual process from having to enter actuals into my reporting. It also allows for multiple scenario creations and tracking.

Business Services


Nigel G.


Spreadsheets are a universal and agile business tool. Since we have a ton of experience in making spreadsheets do what we want, we wanted an FP&A tool that could leverage that skillset.

Financial Services

Justin P - G2

Justin P.

Director of Finance

I demoed several competitors and this system was by far the best.

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SmugMug - Stephanie

Stephanie M.


I can focus more time on analysis instead of creation. I'm getting out of data collection and into the strategy game.


g2 - orange logo

Adam R.

Strategic Finance Analyst

Cube has helped scale our team efficiency by leaps and bounds. Our team went from modeling exclusively on Excel to integrating Cube and immediately seeing benefits.


Dustin W- G2

Dustin W.

Director of Operational Finance

Cube will allow you to give your department leaders the ability to create their own scenarios and forecasts, track their budget to actuals, and see their own P&Ls, all within a spreadsheet.

Real Estate & Construction

g2 - Rick

Rick K.

Senior Accountant

Cube reduced our month- and year-end financial statements from a full day to under an hour.


nick jacoby - G2 review

Nicholas J.

Vice President

What I love the most is Cube's flexibility. It doesn't tell me how to manage my organization, rather it provides me the flexibility to manage our processes how we see fit.

Business Services

tim r. - g2

Tim R.

Accounting Manager

Cube gave us a great amount of flexibility with how we could manipulate reporting from our ERP, NetSuite. It allowed us to leverage spreadsheets that incorporate easily into our modeling and budgeting, which was an advantage over some more rigid solutions.



Unify your data into a single source of truth

Cube connects to your existing tech stack, including: ERP, CRM, HRIS, business intelligence, and more.

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