FP&A for Manufacturing

Take control of your financial future

Seamlessly manage workforce needs and supply chain operations, control costs, and provide accurate forecasts for units, prices, and margins by SKU to optimize revenue—with Cube.


Manage FP&A your way


Improve efficiency

Get a clear view of what is and isn't working in your business with actionable insights to improve resource allocation and productivity.



Leverage precise forecasts for units, prices, and margins by SKU, to make informed decisions and seize opportunities in the market.



Optimize staffing levels, control labor costs, balance budgets, and ensure operational continuity without compromise.

dustin walsted

Dustin Walsted

VP of Finance, Technology, HR

"Cube will help organize your existing chaos and scale as you continue to grow."

Paul Motske headshot

Paul Motske

Director of FP&A

"Cube is allowing us to bring data to leaders easier and faster. We can provide transactional details much easier than before."

Alex from instride

Alex Leavitt

Director of FP&A

“Cube has eliminated the human error aspect, which has helped our data become way more accurate.”

Manage FP&A your way with Cube