Variance Analysis

Fine-tune your forecasting accuracy

Streamline your variance reporting with Cube. Investigate the root cause of your budgetary discrepancies and create more accurate forecasts with data you can trust.



From price variance analysis to fixed and variable overhead spend—our powerful reporting capabilities enable you to get granular on variances and see the full picture fast.

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Trust in
your data

Cube is the definitive source of truth for all your financial data, offering rigorous audit controls to guarantee your actuals are accurate.


strategic insights

Ensure your team, department leaders, and executives are all on the same page. Easily share insights on variants to swiftly make strategic decisions.

Recurring &
ad-hoc variance reporting

Generating variance reports regularly? Need to produce ad-hoc reports for executive stakeholders? We have you covered on all fronts. Create recurring or on-the-fly price, usage, labor, or overhead spending variance reports with trusted data.


Seamless syncs

Don't let bad data slow you down. Ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date data from your ERP, CRM, HRIS, business intelligence systems, and more.


Collaborative reporting

Build confidence across your organization and pivot quickly based on budget and forecasting variances with easily sharable reports and dashboards.


Cube has proven to be the most reliable and flexible tool I have ever used. Cube seamlessly integrates with Excel and has quickly become our singular source of truth for our actuals, budget, and variance reporting.

Jake Barden, Sr. Financial Analyst

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