Plan with greater precision

Create accurate forecasts and sales projections to identify trends, make proactive decisions, and drive your organization to financial success.


Stay strategic

Identify emerging trends, challenges, and growth opportunities based on historical data to gain clarity and pivot as needed.


Hit your numbers

Set precise goals and optimize operational plans, including staffing, headcount, and sales strategies, to meet and exceed your objectives.

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Build confidence

Give executives and the board the tools they need to understand the cause-and-effect relationship between actions and outcomes.

Spreadsheet-first experience

Start out using your existing spreadsheet models to ensure a smooth onboarding and maximize efficiency from day one.

FP&A Spreadsheet

Single source of truth

Take advantage of a single, trusted source of truth for all your historical performance data and scenario planning, eliminating version control issues to maintain data integrity.


Customizable dashboards

Create different forecasting dashboards that show the impact of trends on the company, fostering confidence and alignment for key stakeholders.

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Forecasts went from 15-20% variance from actuals to 2-3% since using Cube.”

Ryan Fanter, VP of Strategic Finance

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