Three Statement Model

Get the right tools to steer your financial future.

Easily create, update, and analyze income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports to gain valuable insights into the state of your business or create more advanced financial models to enhance strategic planning.


Work with
trusted data

Cube is your source of truth for all financial data with specific audit controls to ensure compliance and accuracy.


to scale

Automate income statement analysis for financial insights, simplify balance sheet creation for strategic planning, and effectively manage liquidity with improved cash flow reporting.


Share strategic insights

Create custom reports with ease to share important insights with key stakeholders on revenue generation, operational efficiency, and cash management.

Income statements

Automatically generate, update, and analyze income statements. Track revenues, costs, and expenses over a specified period, gaining valuable insights into your financial performance.


Balance sheets

Simplify the creation and review of balance sheets. Uncover financial strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and enhance your strategic planning with a clear understanding of your financial position.


Cash flow reporting

Effectively manage your company's liquidity. Track the sources and uses of cash, identify cash flow patterns, and forecast future cash positions. Gain insights into your cash management strategies, ensuring the financial health and stability of your company.


Cube reduced our month- and year-end financial statements from a full day to under an hour.

Rick K., Accountant

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