FP&A for Software

Plan with precision to drive future growth

Leverage accurate financial planning, precise revenue forecasting, and optimized growth strategies to scale your software company confidently.


Manage FP&A your way


Streamline data insights

Ensure accurate cost planning in an unpredictable market by establishing a single source of truth for financial data consolidation and analysis.


Optimize for growth

Master your market by modeling various pipeline, cost, revenue, and pricing scenarios, ensuring your growth strategy adapts in real-time.


Enhance GTM efficiency

Leverage advanced analytics to optimize sales productivity, accurately predict revenue streams, and align headcount with long-term goals.

ryan fanter HS

Ryan Fanter

VP of Strategic Finance

"The biggest thing I liked about Cube was how simple it was to use compared to other tools I evaluated."


Sid Upadhyay

CEO & Co-Founder

"We've spent so much time getting the data right and maybe 10% of our time on analysis. With Cube we spend 90% of that time on analysis."

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