Annual Planning

Discover planning without the pain.

Take operational processes, like annual budgeting and CapEx/OPEX planning, from daunting to streamlined, and build the best plan with confidence and clarity.


Get real-time results

Track financial goals and allocate resources effectively for real-time visibility into financial performance against the annual budget.


Be confident in your numbers

Efficiently manage capital investments and operational expenses, maintain version control, and ensure proper allocation to support accurate planning.


Hit your

Achieve or surpass your financial goals with an intuitive solution for precise budgeting, analysis, and scenario planning.

Benchmark tracking

Evaluate past performance, assess current trends, and forecast future outcomes, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Benchmark FP&A dashboard

Scenario modeling

Explore various scenarios, assess their impact on financial outcomes, and devise strategies for successful annual planning.

Scenario planning

Collaborative planning

Facilitate collaboration and avoid version control fatigue with a seamless data connection to your spreadsheets, enabling efficient communication and alignment in setting and achieving objectives.

FP&A annual planning
ryan fanter HS

Forecasts went from 15-20% variance from actuals to 2-3% since using Cube.

Ryan Fanter, VP of Strategic Finance

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