Jumpstart your modeling with ready-made templates for Excel & Google Sheets.

02 Simple ARR Forecast (compressed)

Simple ARR Forecast

Compare revenue and churn or forecast ARR (annual recurring revenue) with this downloadable Excel and Sheets template.

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05 Financial KPIs Dashboard (compressed)

Financial KPIs Dashboard

This sample KPI dashboard will help you view (and compare) all your KPIs in one easy location. Download and customize the Excel template to get started.

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07 Basic 3-Statement Model (compressed)

Basic 3-Statement Model

The 3-statement model combines 3 key reports into one forecast. This is a free, downloadable Excel template you can use for your own financial models.

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08 SaaS Revenue Model (compressed)

SaaS Revenue Model

Download our Excel template to make SaaS revenue models to make informed decisions on fundraising, scenario planning, and other endeavors.

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01 P&L Budget vs. Actuals (compressed)

P&L Budget vs. Actuals

This downloadable P&L budget vs. actual Excel template compares your actual income and expenses to what you'd predicted when you made your budget.

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