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Cube and Fresh FP&A: Building strong relationships

Learn strategies, tactics, and best practices essential for finance professionals to forge strong business relationships.


Strategic Finance Pros: The Importance of Being Human in Finance

Explore the overlooked importance of building human relationships in the numbers-driven world.

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See Cube Live: Streamlined Solutions for Manufacturing

Find out how Cube can streamline financial planning, analysis, and reporting processes for manufacturing, empowering you to make strategic decisions with ease and accuracy.

See Cube Live: Simplifying SaaS Financial Management

Learn how to use Cube in this presentation tailored for SaaS led by Head of Solutions Consulting, Jim Bullis.


Strategic Finance Pros: Cross-Functional Collaboration in Finance

Learn the importance of stakeholder buy-in and collaboration when building a cross-functional finance team.

Surviving Budget Season: 4 Proven Tactics for Finance Leaders

Join Cube CEO, Christina Ross, and fractional CFO & CEO of Fresh FP&A, Chris Ortega, as they share proven tactics to ensure your budget season is productive, collaborative, and on target.


Strategic Finance Pros: Finding the Right Talent

Hungry, humble, and smart—discover how to build your finance team's talent pipeline.


CFO Guide to Impactful Board Decks

Get strategies for creating compelling and concise board decks before your next fundraising round.


Strategic Finance Pros: The Evolving Role of Finance

Learn about the evolving role of finance professionals, emphasizing the need for a strategic business perspective that goes beyond numbers.

New year, new plan: mapping your 2024 finance strategy

Discover tried-and-true tactics from finance experts to build and implement a successful financial plan in 2024.

Cube Software | FP&A Without the Friction

Learn all about how you can accelerate your sales planning and analysis with Cube for Sales. This customer-exclusive presentation will be hosted by Cube's SVP of Sales, Brian Weinberger.

Cube Software | FP&A Without the Friction

Learn how to use Cube Analytics in this customer-exclusive presentation from Cube's Head of Solutions, Jim Bullis.


Strategic Finance Pros: Finance as an "Internal Customer Service"

Learn how to collaborate with departments to align financial processes with stakeholder needs.

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