FP&A for Business Service Providers

Streamline FP&A processes and maximize profitability

Cube enables budgeting and forecasting processes that empower better, faster decision-making, boosting operational efficiency and driving profitability.

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Manage FP&A your way


Stonger collaboration

Discover real-time collaboration and streamlined ad-hoc reporting so everyone on your team can have the data they need to support your customers.

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Adapt to changing project portfolios and evolving customer needs. Cube's reliable, easy-to-use interface allows for enhanced planning, forecasting, and reporting flexibility.


Streamlined data insights

A single source of truth for your financial data makes it easy to access and use the financial information you need; regardless of reorganization and turnover.


Sid Upadhyay

CEO at Wizehire

"We've spent so much time getting the data right and maybe 10% of our time on analysis. With Cube we spend 90% of that time on analysis."


Nigel Glenday


“Cube is core on the FP&A side. Everybody on the team uses it in some way.”


Nicolas Jacoby

Vice President

What I love the most is Cube's flexibility. It doesn't tell me how to manage my organization, rather it provides me the flexibility to manage our processes how we see fit.”

Alex from instride

Alex Leavitt

Director of FP&A

“Cube has eliminated the human error aspect, which has helped our data become way more accurate.”

Manage FP&A your way with Cube