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We’re on a mission to help every company hit their numbers

Our Founding Story

Built by Finance, for Finance

As a former CFO and finance leader, I spent way too many late nights trying to get my data updated, leaving little time for the strategic work that really mattered.

I hated playing bad cop, chasing teams for data and spending long hours consolidating data and updating models that would later break. I tried other leading solutions, but found them to be heavy and difficult to adopt throughout the organization.

We created Cube for finance teams like ours. We needed a flexible but powerful solution to do more in less time, with fewer errors and better collaboration. Software that's easy enough for the entire business to use, but agile enough to implement and learn in just days. Cube promises to be that solution, and we hope to delight you in the process.

- Christina Ross, CEO & Founder

Our values

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    Flexibility is our asset. We are always learning, growing, and adapting. Change is in our DNA.

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    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." It is at the core of how we operate, from focus and alignment to how we build products that are functional and elegant.

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    Joy is the underpinning of our experiences at Cube. Our joyful spirit fosters connection, communication, and joyful experiences for customers, teammates, and our ecosystem.

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    We are a company of humans building for humans. It is at the core of our approach, collaborating with thoughtfulness, empathy, and accountability.

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    We're not satisfied with doing what's expected. We strive to go above and beyond, taking the lead to make a meaningful difference for our customers.

Our team

We're happily headquartered in New York City but have welcomed Cubers (a.k.a. what we call ourselves) from around the US & Canada. Our hubs are where we'll continue to build our Cuber community and foster collaboration.

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A network of finance leaders at your fingertips


Strategic finance pros


A network of finance leaders at your fingertips


Strategic Finance Pros


Executive team


  • CEO & Founder

    Christina Ross

    Christina Ross is a 3x CFO and former finance transformation leader with experience in start-ups, pre-IPO, and enterprise companies such as Deloitte, Rent The Runway, GE, and Criteo. She is passionately mission-driven to help finance leaders become the heroes of every org.

    Why I Built Cube



  • Chief Product & Technology Officer

    Suresh Bala

    Suresh Bala is a seasoned product leader with experience building enterprise software products at startups and large organizations. Most recently, he led product management at Workday and Adaptive Insights in the planning and analysis domain. 


    Why I Joined Cube

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Edward Bush

    Edward Bush is a seasoned operations executive who has led finance, people, legal, operations, and data teams at Dataiku, VTS, and WeWork. He's a strong believer in the strategic value that great operations can bring to a company, and loves to geek out on all things FP&A. Want to say hello? You’ll find him in the Strategic Finance Pros community.

  • Chief Revenue Officer

    Steve De Marco

    Steve De Marco is a data-oriented, seasoned revenue leader with a deep understanding of how optimized planning, and strategic operations impact growth. With tenure across the tech ecosystem from LeanData to Xactly and more, he knows firsthand how Cube is solving a real problem companies across all industries face and firmly believes best-in-class FP&A contributes to a team's top-line performance.

  • VP of Customer Experience

    Suzanne Chartol

    Suzanne Chartol is a veteran customer experience (CX) leader with experience maturing a scalable CX function at companies like Apptio and Sendbird. Her customer success experience was built on a foundation of finance leadership, including 10+ years advising finance teams on subjects such as planning and forecasting, finance transformation, and cost optimization.

  • Co-Founder & Chief Architect

    Josh Holat

    Josh Holat is a 2x founder / CTO, having led his first company through a successful acquisition in 2015. Josh has extensive experience building and scaling engineering teams.

Cube Board

  • Michael Brown

  • Rajeev Batra

  • Brett Queener

  • Mallun Yen

  • Todd Olson

  • Adrian Kunzle

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