Corporate Performance Management

Get a 360-degree view of your operational performance

Track key performance indicators, visualize trends, and generate insightful reports to assess the effectiveness of your business strategies with Cube's corporate performance management software.


Keep an eye
on your KPIs

Create custom dashboards to track key revenue metrics, profit margins, NPS and CSAT scores, sales performance, ARR, growth rates, and so much more.


data insights

No more bouncing between systems to understand the state of your business. Consolidate data in real-time so you have a single source of truth for all your financials.


Get teams on the same page

Make strategic decisions faster by aligning your finance, sales, marketing, and HR partners around shared metrics, using data you
can trust.

FP&A dashboards

Easily build your dream FP&A dashboard. Stay on top of your expenses, cash flow, and income, track your budget vs. your actuals, and see how you measure against estimated forecasts.

FP&A dashboard

Revenue dashboards

Keep a bird's eye view on your revenue streams—from tracking ARR across products and regions to digging into open pipeline opportunities.

Revenue FP&A dashboard

Sales dashboards

Assess the health of your sales pipeline. Unlock valuable sale metrics, track quota attainment and sales rep performance by ARR, and measure pipeline velocity—all within Cube.

Sales performance dashboard
dustin walsted-1

Cube gives your department leaders the ability to create their own scenarios and forecasts, track their budgets to actuals, and see their own P&Ls, all within a spreadsheet.

Dustin Walsted, VP of Finance, Technology, HR

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