Driver-based Planning

Elevate your financial forecasting accuracy

Align your strategies with critical business factors, leverage analytics to spot trends, and optimize financial outcomes with precision and ease.


Be on point

Maintain accuracy by aligning financial outcomes directly with operational data and business drivers, such as sales volume, operational efficiency, and market trends.

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Collaborate easily

Share the impact of business drivers like production costs, supply chain efficiency, and pricing strategies to empower cross-functional teams and get alignment around shared metrics.

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Stay agile

Improve business agility by offering visibility into departmental drivers, allowing for quick adjustments on-the-fly and informed decision-making.

Multi-scenario modeling

Create, compare, and analyze multiple scenarios based on key operational drivers, providing deeper insights and context behind financial data for more informed budgeting and forecasting decisions.


Customizable dashboards

Develop scenario-based data visualizations and dashboards that show how different drivers affect the company, building confidence and alignment in your plan.


Single source of truth

Cube combines trusted data on business drivers and integrates seamlessly with your systems to provide a comprehensive view of your business.


With Cube, we're able to run real-time forecast scenarios, incorporating department lead feedback during the monthly forecasting process. This allows us to pull investments out of the projected spend and understand the risks associated with those cuts.

Alex Leavitt, Director of FP&A

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