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Cube Awarded Winter 2022 G2 Badges

We're proud to announce that we're the new owners of 4 G2 badges for the Winter 2022 season:

Chart of Accounts: The Basics & Best Practices

You know that the Chart of Accounts is an important tool for any financial organization. 

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Knowing how much you can expect to earn from a customer is pretty important.

LTV/CAC Ratio: Your Secret Technique to Measure Sales & Marketing ROI

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Are you familiar with top-down and bottom-up thinking?

SaaS Magic Number: The Single Most Important Growth Flag in SaaS

How do you know when you're ready to grow your SaaS business?

Tell the Secret Story Behind the Numbers with Cohort Analysis [GUIDE]

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[Success Story] How this One-Person FP&A Team Helped Secure Another $131M in Funding for Novo

When I saw the Cube demo...I was just going nuts. It’s everything I was hoping for. When...