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Expand your strategic finance knowledge with our three curated collections: FP&A best practices, KPI and metric guides, and software and tool reviews.

How this CFO turned budgeting at SmugMug, Inc. into an easy, practical, and fair process
How enhanced transparency in FP&A helps Unqork make agile, informed decisions and fuels rapid growth
How the CFO of Masterworks used Cube to forecast for and attain a unicorn valuation
How Kristina Uses Cube to De-stress her FP&A Process and Achieve Peace of Mind
What's Rolling On? When is a Rolling Forecast Right for my Business?
Not All Metrics are KPIs - Best Practices
What is Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Software?
Cash forecasting: a quick guide for busy FP&A teams (updated for 2023)
Getting Buy-In for Your Next Finance Transformation Project
Scenario Planning: Move Beyond the Basics
Keep Your Best Customers: Track (and Control) Revenue Churn
LTV/CAC ratio: your secret weapon to measure sales & marketing ROI
[Template Included] Calculate + Improve Gross & Net Revenue Retention
Strategic budgeting: are you getting it right? A guide for 2023
Top-down vs. bottom-up budgeting: which should you use?
The 16 best financial forecasting software for budgeting & planning for 2023 [updated]
Rule of 40 and SaaS: What is it and why is it so important?
Cohort Analysis: Tell the Secret Story Behind the Numbers
CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost): how to measure sales/marketing ROI
The Definitive Guide to FP&A Software Implementation in 2023
Full steam ahead? Calculating the SaaS magic number
G2 ranks Cube high performer, easiest to do business with (Spring '22)
Chart of Accounts: basics and best practices
[Updated] The 15 best financial management software tools for businesses in 2023
What's the Difference Between a Plan, a Budget, and a Forecast?
Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): Quantify Your Customers (in Revenue)
In a New Finance Leadership Role? Here’s a Guide for a Successful First 90 Days
How to accelerate your annual budgeting process (in 2023)
The 13 Best Business Budgeting Software Tools in 2023
Feel the Burn: A Guide to Gross Burn vs. Net Burn
The 6 best cash flow management software tools (in 2023)
Quick Ratio vs. Current Ratio: The Quick Difference
Why I Joined Cube: A Product Person’s Perspective
What is Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)? A Guide for 2023
A full Workday Adaptive Planning review [Updated for 2023]
The 10 Best FP&A Software Tools: A Guide for 2023
The complete FP&A software evaluation checklist (for 2023)
How to Empower Non-Financial Executives to Understand the Numbers
Becoming a “have” in B2B SaaS starts with FP&A
How WizeHire saves 90% of the their time (and does stronger FP&A work)
The 5 best mid-market planning tools for business [updated for 2023]
Spreadsheet-Native: The Clear Approach to FP&A
Pitching VCs? Here's the deck we used to raise $30M with Battery Ventures
Cash flow: What's the difference between the direct vs. indirect method?
What is budget forecasting?
8 must-do steps for your month-end close process
14 best budgeting software tools & apps [updated for 2023]
The 13 best financial reporting software [updated for 2023]
The 8 Best Financial Planning Software Tools [updated for 2023]
21 best finance software for businesses & personal finances [in 2023]
Datarails reviews (updated for 2023): features, pricing, competitors
Anaplan vs. Adaptive vs. Planful vs. Vena vs. Datarails vs. Cube
[Updated for 2023] The 15 best financial statement software tools
Corporate Performance Management: What is it and strategies to improve
The 10 top financial close software for a stressless month end (2023)
G2 recognizes Cube’s customer service, high performance, and ease of use (Summer ‘22)
NetSuite Reviews: Competitors & Alternatives
Net dollar retention: why NDR is your new north star
Strategic workforce planning for CFOs: from strategy to execution
The 23 Best Corporate Performance Management Software (for 2023)
What's an FP&A job?
7 of the best financial modeling software [for 2023]
Driver-based planning: let the numbers lead the way
What is Anaplan? Reviews, pros/cons, and alternatives (for 2023)
Our review of Jirav: how does it measure up?
Slides: The top 5 mistakes CFOs make when communicating with the board
16+ best Anaplan competitors & alternatives for FP&A teams [in 2023]
What-if Analysis: A Beginner's Guide to Scenarios + Goal Seek in Excel
The 20+ best forecasting and budgeting software solutions (in 2023)
What is sensitivity analysis in strategic finance?
What is strategic financial planning and management?
Cube ranks #1 for ease of use on G2; receives 20 badges across FP&A categories (Fall '22)
NetSuite vs. QuickBooks: how do they measure up?
Cash inflow and outflow: keeping tabs on your financial health
Cash runway: How (and why) to calculate your company’s cash runway
FP&A interview questions: a cheat sheet for landing the next FP&A role
What are the three financial statements?
Capacity Planning: the CFO's Guide
What's a pro forma template? [Free pro forma templates for Excel]
What is headcount forecasting? [Free headcount forecasting Excel template]
Vena reviews: How does Vena Solutions compare to the alternatives?
Planful reviews: What is Planful?
EBITDA: What does it say about my company's financial health?
100+ up-to-date-for-2023 FP&A statistics every CFO should know
16+ Best NetSuite Integrations: Your 2023 Guide
Cube ranks #1 for user satisfaction on G2; Receives 30+ badges across FP&A categories (Winter ‘23)
The 11+ best Oracle Essbase alternatives [updated for 2023]
The top 16+ ERP system examples in 2023
The 8+ best account reconciliation software (updated for 2023)
11+ best strategic planning software for CFOs in 2023
The top FP&A certifications and courses for career advancement [2023]
The 11+ best Mosaic Tech alternatives + competitors (updated for 2023)
Burn multiple: a quick & simple guide
Every (50+) financial ratio you'll ever need in 2023
11+ Best workforce management software for CFOs in 2023
Our FP&A salary & career field guide for 2023 strategic finance roles
ASC 606 revenue recognition: A 2023 guide for SaaS CFOs & FP&A teams
The best capacity planning tools for busy FP&A teams in 2023
The 19+ best sales forecasting software of 2023
How to create a balance sheet projection in 2023
What's a static budget? Here's what you need to know
Strategic finance: An exhaustive and practical guide for CFOs in 2023
The 16+ top Prophix alternatives and competitors [updated for 2023]
Variance reporting: What is it + how to read/write a variance report
Account reconciliation: What it is, how it works, and what to do
Report automation made easy & the best report automation tools in 2023
The 11+ Best Financial Analytic Software for FP&A teams in 2023
Not sold on Centage? The best Centage alternatives in 2023
11+ Best Pigment Alternatives and Competitors [for 2023]
The 9+ Best OnPlan Alternatives and Competitors [for 2023]
The 11+ best OneStream alternatives and competitors in 2023
Calculating DPO vs. DSO (including Days Payable Outstanding formula)
All about the contribution margin income statement
IRR vs. XIRR: What's the difference? When do I use them?
MRR vs. ARR: recurring revenue in SaaS is still important
xP&A: finding a competitive edge through extended planning & analysis
Keep your company in tune: reconcile your balance sheet the right way
Board reporting in 2023 made easy (avoid these 5 mistakes)
Create and track a cash budget (step-by-step guide)
EBIT: Earnings Before Interest and Taxes + how to calculate EBIT
Adjusted EBITDA: definition, formula, and how to calculate
What is NBV (Net Book Value)?
EBITDA vs. net income: a comprehensive tutorial
Goodwill impairment: the value of a name
What are intercompany transactions?
Customer Spotlight - Veryable
Customer Spotlight - Growth Operators
Customer Spotlight - Figment
Why I Built Cube: The Home of Strategic FP&A
Profitability analysis: slicing the pie
Incremental budgeting: is it the right budgeting method for you?
Activity-based budgeting: is this budgeting method right for you?
The inside scoop on bottom-up planning
Statement of retained earnings: reporting on your rainy day fund
Operational planning vs strategic planning: How they work together

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