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  • What's a typical career path for FP&A professionals?
    While there is no set path for FP&A professionals, the typical trajectory is FP&A analyst → FP&A senior analyst → FP&A manager → Director or VP of FP&A → CFO and beyond.
  • How do I get into FP&A without experience?
    Usually, you need a bachelor's degree in a related field like finance, accounting, business, or economics. Graduate school isn't necessary but may give you a leg up if you attend an MBA or Master in Finance or Financial Planning program. Certifications like the CFA—Certified Financial Analyst—can also help you stand out from other applicants when getting into FP&A. 
  • What are the best interview questions for FP&A positions?

    Here are a few questions that will help see how an interviewee thinks through FP&A processes:


    Please walk me through the three financial statements and how they flow together.


    Explain financial modeling and the most common financial modeling methods.


    Please walk me through the process of creating a journal entry.


    What experience do you have in developing budgets and financial forecasts?


    Tell me about some financial tools you've used in past roles.


    How do you determine if the company is cash-flow positive?


    Where should you look first to determine the financial health of the company?

  • What should a CFO or finance leader do in their first 90 days?
    In broad strokes, a CFO or finance leader should perform an audit of the finance department, assess the new team, build lines of communication across the organization, develop a plan of attack, regularly communicate progress, and take advantage of the clean slate of being "new."


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