How Veryable unwound a complex spreadsheet stack


  • App-multipleAble to run multi-entity reporting
    ClockMore time for strategic analysis
    JoyfulNo need to hire consultants

Use cases

  • Trusted data access
    Automated workflows
    Direct Integrations


Cube is the simple version of what you want from a multi-dimension database. It can be whatever form you need and gives a ton of simplicity.

Why Cube

Cube’s flexibility allows you to build your own processes and get set up fast.

Veryable’s VP & Head of Finance is a two-time buyer of Cube. At his last company, he evaluated more than a dozen FP&A vendors. In his current role, he needed a reliable tool to build the foundation of his FP&A with speed and power, and help the Veryable team unwind a complex spreadsheet stack.

How they're finding success with Cube: 

  • The team built three additional entities (multiple-entity reporting) and can quickly run consolidations, balance, trend, and close analytics with all of the entities consolidated and eliminated
  • Enabling the team to go from 4 leaders to 30+ leaders responsible for financials
  • No need to hire extra consultants

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About Veryable

Veryable is the leading on-demand marketplace for manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing, and provides businesses with higher productivity and fewer administrative burdens and workers with flexible work arrangements.


Jesse Ingram

VP & Head of Finance



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