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Top tips for growing and scaling an FP&A team

Growing and scaling your FP&A team to meet the evolving needs of your business can feel like an uphill battle. Luckily, with the right tools and strategies, you can conquer the climb.

Risk management in financial planning: mitigating uncertainties for a stronger future

Dive into the crucial role of risk management in financial planning and discover a road map for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks effectively.

Evaluating FP&A software vendors: a checklist

Discover how to carefully weigh your FP&A software options and choose the right fit for your business.

6 biggest headaches for FP&A teams (and how to fix them)

Dive into the seven biggest challenges FP&A teams face and discover quick, efficient solutions to overcome them.

4 proven tactics to survive budget season for finance leaders (video included!)

How can you ensure your budget season is productive, collaborative, and on target? Check out these 4 proven tactics to survive the season.

How to use FP&A software to drive strategic planning

Explore how FP&A software can help you take your strategic planning to the next level.

G2 awards Cube 32 badges and top spot for "CPM" and "Budgeting and Forecasting" (Fall ‘23)

G2 awards Cube 32 badges and top spot for CPM and Budgeting & Forecasting (Fall ‘23)

How Smart City Apartment found confidence in their numbers and scaled with Cube

Smart City needed a solution with tighter controls, cleaner forecasting, and greater flexibility and scalability.

Budgeting and forecasting: a quick and easy guide

This 5-minute guide offers a clear roadmap to budgeting and forecasting, ensuring you're well-equipped for the journey ahead.

Planning your budget: top 5 questions to ask budget owners to ensure accuracy

Here are five questions finance leaders should be asking budget owners to ensure accuracy.

10 KPIs finance leaders need to track for organizational health

In this blog, we'll delve into the essential KPIs finance leaders need to track for organizational health to ensure you're always a step ahead.

The ultimate guide to FP&A software

Discover the ins and outs of FP&A software and how to find the right fit for your company.

NetSuite and Cube: how integrating your ERP and FP&A systems unlocks productivity

Learn how integrating NetSuite with Cube helps users get the most out of their ERP data.

Maintaining strategic alignment: 9 budgeting tips for finance leaders

Here's how to align your budget with your business's strategic objectives and set your team on the path to success.

The makings of an effective financial planning calendar

Discover the main components of an effective financial planning calendar (and best practices to set your business up for success).

Breaking down the budgeting process: 7 things you need to get your budget approved

Discover the top seven things you need to get your budget approved.

Budget preparation: when should you start planning your budget?

Discover the optimal time to start your budget preparation process by diving into key considerations and strategies—tailored for finance leaders.

The All-in-One Financial Planning Calendar

Discover how to create an effective financial planning calendar, plus tips and tricks for improving your planning process and collaboration.

Keep calm and plan on: How to build a stress-free budget process

Learn quick and easy steps to build a stress-free budget process.

Mid-year financial performance review: assessing financial health and course correction

Discover the ins and outs of the mid-year financial performance review.

How InStride streamlines financial processes and drives strategic planning with Cube

Alex sought a solution that would streamline processes, improve data accuracy, and enable the team to focus on more value-added tasks.

Surviving Budget Season: 4 Proven Tactics for Finance Leaders

Join Cube CEO, Christina Ross, and fractional CFO & CEO of Fresh FP&A, Chris Ortega, as they share proven tactics to ensure your budget season is productive, collaborative, and on target.

The benefits of automated compliance management systems in FP&A

Compliance management can be time-consuming and prone to error. The solution? An automation compliance management system. Here's why to invest in one.

Compliance management: Build a culture of compliance on your FP&A team

Learn tips and tricks to build a culture of compliance on your FP&A team.

Growing and scaling a top-notch FP&A team

Discover tips to effectively grow your FP&A team as your company expands and matures.

9 variable expenses examples you should know

Learn about these 9 key variable expenses examples to make more informed and impactful financial decisions.

Fostering data integrity in your FP&A reporting

Learn how you to foster data integrity in your FP&A reporting and set your business up for success.

How to build an effective FP&A process

Building an effective FP&A process is a strategic imperative for any organization seeking to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. Learn how.

Building a foolproof operating budget

Discover how to create an operating budget that’s scalable and guaranteed to help your company reach its goals.

From number-cruncher to strategic leader: the changing face of the CFO

Learn how CFOs are making the transition from number-crunchers to strategic leaders.

Everything an FP&A leader should have on their finance dashboard

Streamline your finance reporting with finance dashboard examples that go beyond historical context to give you real-time insights that matter.

Navigating multi-currency account reporting: a guide for FP&A managers

A multi-currency account allows you to send, hold and receive various currencies in one place. Unfortunately, they complicate your financial reporting.

Building a foolproof operating budget

An operating budget is a detailed projection of a company's expected revenue and expenses. In this post, we show you how to many an operating budget.

Creating a master budget: best practices for better collaboration

Learn how to incorporate collaboration and feedback into your budgeting process so you can build the best, most effective master budget for your business.

How to use financial variance analysis to enhance forecasting accuracy

Dive deeper into financial variance analysis and explore steps you can take today to enhance forecasting accuracy

How to calculate projected sales: a guide for FP&A leaders

Wondering how to calculate projected sales more effectively? Here are best practices every FP&A leader needs to know.

G2 ranks Cube “Most Implementable” and a “Leader” in multiple FP&A categories (Summer ’23)

We’re proud to have received 20+ badges across multiple FP&A categories in G2’s Summer '23 Report.

quarterly board deck
The Ultimate Quarterly Board Deck

Calling all CFOs! Discover how to craft a concise and captivating quarterly board meeting deck that instills confidence in a board.

The CFO's guide to impactful board decks (slides included!)

How can you put prep and deliver impactful quarterly board decks? Here's the slide deck our CFO-turned-CEO used in a CFO leadership council webinar.

Comparing different capital budgeting techniques

There are tons of capital budgeting techniques. Which is the best? Let's compare them to find out which capital budgeting technique you should use.

How to prepare financial statements
How to prepare financial statements: a quick guide for FP&A teams

How to prepare financial statements: 1) How to prepare an income statement 2) How to prepare a balance sheet 3) How to prepare a cash flow statement

The best strategic finance publications in 2023

With so many finance publications out there, how do FP&A folks separate the wheat from the chaff? That's what we've done in this blog post.

compliance reporting
Compliance reporting: everything you need to know

Compliance reporting can be long and arduous, but it's incredibly important---it's also the law. Here's what you need to know about compliance reporting.

Hiring your first FP&A analyst
Hiring your first FP&A analyst

Hiring is exciting. But you might have questions or reservations if you've never hired an FP&A analyst. Let's cover those in this guide.

financial reporting dashboards
Designing & presenting effective financial reporting dashboards

Financial reporting dashboards are essential for every FP&A team and CFO. What should you have on them? Find out in this quick guide (with examples).

The 4 financial statements CFOs need to know

The 4 financial statements: income statement, balance sheet, statement of owner equity (AKA the statement of retained earnings), and cash flow statement.

ad hoc reporting software
The 10 best ad hoc reporting software for busy FP&A teams (in 2023)

Ad hoc reporting software helps you have more productive, real-time conversations. But how do you choose the right solution for you and your team?

ad hoc reporting
Ad hoc reporting: create custom ad hoc reports for business needs

Ad hoc reporting is a customizable, easy-to-use reporting method that helps the FP&A team promote transparency + provide better information to leadership.

pro forma financial statements
How to create & use pro forma statements

Creating and using pro forma financial statements can be a daunting task. Learn all about these future-forward financial statements in this guide.

What is the percentage-of-sales method?

The percentage-of-sales method helps finance teams develop a budgeted set of financial statements. Learn how to use this method in this article.

Reporting unearned revenue: what you need to know

Unearned revenue on the balance sheet represents a debt owed to the customer. But how do you report on it? We'll cover that (and more) in this blog post.

P&L budget
What's a P&L budget?

The P&L budget summarizes expected income and expenses (profit and loss) over a financial period. When created as a forecast, its a pro forma P&L budget.

budget variance analysis
Budget variance analysis: did you stick to your budget?

Budget variance analysis is when you check your actuals against budgeted values for the same period. But there's a little more to it than that.

Our top budgeting best practices for busy FP&A teams

What are the budgeting best practices? We've included some of our best tips in this article about streamlining and simplifying an annual budgeting process.

The essential elements of a strategic plan: explained

What's a strategic plan? And how do I know when I've included enough? Learn the essential elements of a strategic plan in this blog post.

Financial forecasting
Your guide to financial forecasting essentials (for 2023)

Financial forecasting has never been more important. Learn the essentials of how to create a financial forecast in this guide from FP&A platform Cube.

Cash flow forecasting
Cash flow forecasting: The financial GPS system

Cash flow forecasting is essential to your business's long-term financial health. Learn about the two cash flow forecasting methods and more in this post.

Zero-based budgeting: justifying every line item in the company budget

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) means every dollar in your budget has earned its place there. In this post we explore a ZBB process and its pros and cons.

Organizational plans: a quick primer (with examples)

Organizational plans are how the finance team creates plans for the future. Some examples include strategic, tactical, driver-based, and contingency plans.

The 12 best workforce planning software for CFOs in 2023

Workforce planning software is essential for companies wanting to smartly and efficiently scale. Plan headcount, salaries, and more.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP): the basics and best practices

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is an important function of FP&A: it's how companies forecast and meet demand in the most efficient manner possible.

G2 ranks Cube #1 for ease of use, price, and user satisfaction (Spring ‘23)

We’re proud to have received nearly 30 badges across multiple FP&A categories in G2’s Spring '23 Report.

Financial forecasting models: ghosts of the past, present, and future

Financial forecasting models help FP&A teams determine the best courses of action and best rates of return for their spending and investments.

CapEx formula: how to calculate capital expenditures

Quick refresher on the capex formula. You'll learn how to calculate capital expenditures, what qualifies as CapEx, and why it matters.

CapEx vs. OpEx: the difference between these types of expenditures

CapEx (capital expenditures) and OpEx (operational expenditures) can be confused. How do you distinguish between the two? How do you decide which is which?

Net working capital: the basics, how to calculate, and how to improve

What is net working capital, and how do you calculate it? In this blog post, learn all about net working capital, including the formula.

Operational planning vs strategic planning: How they work together

Operational planning is essential to ensure that your company's strategic plans are implemented. But how does it work with strategic planning?

Statement of retained earnings: reporting on your rainy day fund

The statement of retained earnings is a financial reporting statement that lists the amount of cash a business has retained from its net income.

bottom-up planning
The inside scoop on bottom-up planning

Bottom-up planning is when you use data from the bottom of the organizational pyramid (from individual contributors) to drive your planning and budgeting.

activity-based budgeting
Activity-based budgeting: is this budgeting method right for you?

Activity-based budgeting is a good planning and budgeting strategy for CFOs who want a realistic forecast of their future spending based on their actuals.

Incremental budgeting: is it the right budgeting method for you?

Incremental budgeting is one of the big budgeting methods. It takes the previous period's budget and uses it as a base for the new budget.

Profitability analysis: slicing the pie

Profitability analysis is the use of various financial ratios (or profitability ratios) to determine how (and how skilled at) a company makes its money.

Why I Built Cube: The Home of Strategic FP&A

Our founding story. Why did Christina Ross create Cube? What is the next generation FP&A software?

All about the contribution margin income statement

The contribution margin income statement is a specialized financial statement. But what does it mean, and how do you make one?

Board Reporting
Board reporting in 2023 made easy (avoid these 5 mistakes)

Board reporting has a reputation for being tough. We pulled some tips and mistakes for CFOs to avoid for a successful future board reporting session.

Report automation made easy & the best report automation tools in 2023

Report automation is a huge time saver. After all, nobody wants to spend time manually making reports. But what tools can you trust to take over the task?

What's a static budget? Here's what you need to know

What is a static budget? How is it different from a fixed budget? How do you make a static budget? Here's everything you need to know about static budgets.

How Figment improved forecast accuracy and found immediate value

Figment's new VP of Strategic Finance needed an easy, reliable, and flexible tool to budget, forecast, and report against multiple dimensions. Enter Cube.

How Growth Operators uses Cube's flexibility to scale

Growth Operators's Senior Director of FP&A needed a flexible, easy-to-implement-and-learn tool to budget, forecast, and report against multiple dimensions.

How Veryable unwound a complex spreedsheet stack

Veryable's Director of Finance needed a reliable tool to build their FP&A foundation and help the Veryable team unwind a complex spreadsheet stack.

MRR vs. ARR: recurring revenue in SaaS is still important

What's the difference between MRR vs. ARR? Both are important ways for SaaS companies to examine their recurring revenue and check their financial health.

Calculating DPO vs. DSO (including Days Payable Outstanding formula)

DPO and DSO can be tricky to calculate if you don't know the formulas. That's why we created this blog post about the days payable outstanding formula.

Goodwill impairment: the value of a name

Goodwill impairment is when your brand suffers and your intangible asset---goodwill, or the representative value of your brand strength---suffers.

Cash budget
Create and track a cash budget (step-by-step guide)

Cash budgets are important for monitoring your cash inflows and outflows, as well as ensuring the business has the cash on hand to cover its expenses.

Strategic finance: An exhaustive and practical guide for CFOs in 2023

Strategic finance is the core of how CFOs can be better partners to their CEOs and use the power of the purse to drive business growth.

What is NBV (Net Book Value)?

NBV (net book value) is an important metric for ascertaining the value of a company's fixed assets. Need a quick refresher? Then read this guide.

The 11+ best financial analysis software for FP&A teams in 2023

Financial analytic software helps you analyze your financial data for valuable business insights. But what's the best out there? This list has them all.

11+ Best Pigment Competitors and Alternatives [for 2023]

With so many FP&A solutions on the market, does Pigment stand out? Let's examine the top Pigment alternatives and competitors in 2023.

The 9+ Best OnPlan Alternatives and Competitors [for 2023]

OnPlan is an integrated planning solution designed for finance teams. But does it lead the pack? Here are 9 OnPlan alternatives to consider.

The 11+ best OneStream alternatives and competitors in 2023

OneStream is an FP&A tool past its prime. Here are the best OneStream alternatives on the market for 2023.

IRR vs. XIRR: What's the difference? When do I use them?

IRR (internal rate of return) and XIRR (extended internal rate of return) measure an investment's profitability. But what's the difference between them?

Every (50+) financial ratio you'll ever need in 2023

Financial ratios are a CFO's bread and butter. Ever need to look up a financial ratio? Us too. That's why we wrote the ultimate guide to financial ratios.

EBITDA vs. net income: a comprehensive tutorial

EBITDA and net income are common financial metrics, but differ in how they're used and calculated. Read on to learn about EBITDA vs. net income.

Adjusted EBITDA: definition, formula, and how to calculate

Adjusted EBITDA is just a better EBITDA, no? Well, that's not the whole story. Read on to learn about the nuances of adjusted EBITDA in strategic finance.

EBIT: Earnings Before Interest and Taxes + how to calculate EBIT

EBIT is one of the more profitability measurements, but what does it mean, and how do you interpret it? Find out in this short blog post.

Keep your company in tune: reconcile your balance sheet the right way

Do you know how to reconcile the balance sheet? If not, no problem. That's why we wrote this guide on balance sheet reconciliation.

What are intercompany transactions?

Intercompany transactions occur after acquisitions and mergers. But what are the best practices for navigating them? Find out in this guide.

xP&A: finding a competitive edge through extended planning & analysis

Extended planning and analysis (xP&A) is the new FP&A: holistic financial planning. But what makes it different, and how do you do it? Read on to find out.

The 11+ best Centage alternatives (updated for 2023)

Centage Planning Maestro is a well-known mid-market planning tool. But are there Centage alternatives worth your time? (Quick answer: definitely.)

Account reconciliation: What it is, how it works, and what to do

Account reconciliation is an essential part of closing the books. But how do you do it, and why is it important? We'll tell you just that in this article.

Variance reporting: What is it + how to read/write a variance report

What is variance reporting? It's when you show and explain the discrepancies between the forecast and the actuals.

Our FP&A salary & career field guide for 2023 strategic finance roles

How much should you expect to get paid in FP&A? And how do you increase your salary and get promoted? Our FP&A salary guide answers those questions.

11+ Best workforce management software for CFOs in 2023

Workforce management software helps manage employee scheduling and workload. But with so many options, which do you pick? We review the best in this guide.

Burn multiple: a quick & simple guide

Burn multiple is an essential efficiency metric. How do venture capitalists use it to judge investments? How do you improve your company's burn multiple?

The best capacity planning tools for busy FP&A teams in 2023

Capacity planning tools are essential to help you create realistic forecasts and models. But what's on the market, and how do they compare?

11+ best strategic planning software for CFOs in 2023

Strategic planning software can help FP&A teams better partner with their CEOs and leadership. But what's the best strategic planning software for you?

The top FP&A certifications and courses for career advancement [2023]

An FP&A certification is a great way to improve your skills + advance the career ladder. But with so many programs, how do you know the right one for you?

The top 16+ ERP system examples in 2023

Want some ERP system examples? We've got you covered with this roundup and comparison of 16 of the best ERP system examples on the market in 2023.

Account reconciliation software
The 8+ best account reconciliation software (updated for 2023)

We rounded up the best account reconciliation software on the market to accelerate a stress-free financial close and consolidation process.

The 11+ best Oracle Essbase alternatives [updated for 2023]

Compare several Oracle Essbase alternatives in this handy guide to FP&A software and other financial reporting and analysis tools.

The 16+ top Prophix alternatives and competitors [updated for 2023]

Prophix is a well-known FP&A tool, but is it the best? We made this guide to Prophix alternatives and competitors to help you compare for yourself.

The 11+ best Mosaic competitors + alternatives (updated for 2023)

Mosaic Tech is a finance tool for SaaS companies but is it the best fit for your business? Check out our list of Mosaic competitors.

The 19+ best sales forecasting software of 2023

There's a lot of sales forecasting software on the market. How do you know what's right for you? No worries---we wrote this guide to help you.

ASC 606 revenue recognition: A 2023 guide for SaaS CFOs & FP&A teams

Complying with ASC 606 revenue recognition standards is increasingly difficult for modern FP&A teams. Simplify your ASC 606 compliance with this post.

How to create a balance sheet projection in 2023

Knowing how to create a balance sheet projection is essential for being able to companies looking to create future-forward financial models.

Cube ranks #1 for user satisfaction on G2; Receives 30+ badges across FP&A categories (Winter ‘23)

We’re proud to have received more than 30 badges across multiple FP&A categories in G2’s Winter Report.

Vena Solutions review
Vena reviews: How does Vena Solutions compare to the alternatives?

Our review of Vena Solutions. Who is Vena for? What are Vena's pros and cons? Who are the best Vena alternatives and competitors to consider?

16+ of the best NetSuite integrations: your 2023 guide

NetSuite is a powerful ERP and CRM. But what are the best NetSuite integrations you should use? Find out in this guide.

100+ up-to-date-for-2023 FP&A statistics every CFO should know

Looking for an FP&A statistic? Look no further. We've gathered more than 100 up-to-date FP&A statistics for you to browse, organized by topic.

EBITDA: What does it say about my company's financial health?

This blog post explains what EBITDA is and how it can be used to measure a company's financial performance.

Financial KPIs dashboard template
Financial KPIs Dashboard

This sample KPIs dashboard will help you view (and compare) all your KPIs in one easy location. Download and customize the Excel template to get started.

Planful reviews: what is Planful?

How does Planful work? What are the pros and cons of Planful? What are some Planful reviews or alternatives? We've got it all in this post.

the three financial statements that comprise the 3-statement model are the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement (sometimes called the statement of cash flows)
What are the three financial statements?

The three financial statements that make the 3-statement model are the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement (statement of cash flows).

capacity planning
Capacity planning: the CFO's guide

Don't overlook the importance of capacity planning. CFOs, in this guide we show you how capacity planning can be your next budgeting silver bullet.

headcount forecasting
What is headcount forecasting? [Free headcount forecasting Excel template]

Headcount forecasting (AKA headcount or workforce planning) is essential for any high-growth organization. Includes free headcount forecasting template.

What's a pro forma template? [Free pro forma templates for Excel]

A pro forma statement is a hypothetical future state of a business's finances. Grab a free pro forma template for Excel and start forecasting today.

FP&A interview questions: a cheat sheet for landing the next FP&A role

Interviewing for a new FP&A job? Interviewing FP&A candidates and not sure what to ask? Browse our list of essential FP&A interview questions in this post.

Cash runway: How (and why) to calculate your company’s cash runway

Cash runway is an essential metric that helps founders and CFOs determine how much cash they have to leverage for growth.

Cash inflow and outflow
Cash inflow and outflow: keeping tabs on your financial health

Keeping tabs on your cash inflow and outflow is how you keep the lights on and invest in growth. Here's a simple explanation of cash inflow and outflow.

NetSuite vs. QuickBooks: how do they measure up?

Both NetSuite and QuickBooks are essential accounting solutions. But how do you know which is the best for your business? We break it down in this post.

Cube ranks #1 for ease of use on G2; receives 20 badges across FP&A categories (Fall '22)

Following high G2 rankings in Spring and Summer, we’re happy to continue this upward trajectory with 20 total badges in G2’s fall rankings.

What is strategic financial planning and management?

Strategic planning is one of finance's most important functions. In this post, you'll learn how to create a strategic plan.

Slides: The top 5 mistakes CFOs make when communicating with the board

What are the top 5 mistakes CFOs make when communicating with the board? Here's the slide deck our CFO-turned-CEO used in a CFO leadership council webinar.

Sensitivity Analysis
What is sensitivity analysis in strategic finance?

Sensitivity analysis is a financial modeling technique that helps FP&A teams determine how input variables affect their financial models.

The 20+ best forecasting and budgeting software solutions (in 2023)

Forecasting and budgeting software is a dime a dozen these days. What's the best fit for you? We rounded up 20+ of the best solutions to help you find out.

What-if analysis: a beginner's guide to scenarios + goal seek in Excel

A simple introduction to what-if analysis in Microsoft Excel. We cover scenarios, data tables, goal seek, and more.

Anaplan alternatives and competitors
16+ best Anaplan competitors & alternatives for FP&A teams [in 2023]

Anaplan is a popular FP&A tool, but is it the best for your strategic finance team? Review 16+ of the best Anaplan competitors and alternatives here.

How enhanced transparency in FP&A helps Unqork make agile, informed decisions and fuels rapid growth

With a single source of truth giving them total confidence in their numbers, Unqork champions both Excel and Google Sheets for better FP&A transparency.

Our review of Jirav: how does the business planning tool measure up?

Jirav is one of the myraid FP&A solutions promising to replace spreadsheets for good. But how does it measure up to its claims? Find out in this post.

What is Anaplan? Reviews, pros/cons, and alternatives (for 2023)

What is Anaplan? It's an enterprise-grade FP&A solution. But there's a lot to it. Here you'll learn about Analpan and decide if it's right for you.

Driver-based planning
Driver-based planning: let the numbers lead the way

Driver-based planning is one of the best paradigms for your next budgeting cycle. What drives business? How can you use those to guide the business?

7 of the best financial modeling software [for 2023]

There's a lot of financial modeling software out there today. That's why we wrote this guide to help you pick the best solution for your business.

what is an FP&A job? This blog post describes how to get an FP&A job, common FP&A interview questions, and FP&A career progressions and levels
What's an FP&A job? (Plus an FP&A analyst job description for 2023)

How do you get an FP&A job? From the analyst position to director of strategic finance, FP&A can be a great career choice. Here's how to break in FP&A.

The 23 best corporate performance management software (for 2023)

Corporate performance management software is critical to help FP&A teams better understand employee performance and make better forecasts and models.

Strategic workforce planning for CFOs: from strategy to execution

Workforce planning is a large part of your budget and determines the trajectory of your company: people are, after all, your most valuable resource!

Net dollar retention: why NDR is your new north star

Net dollar retention (NDR) or net revenue retention (NRR) is a north star metric for SaaS companies looking to expand within their customer base.

NetSuite reviews
NetSuite reviews, competitors, and alternatives

NetSuite is one of the most well-known tools in finance. But how does this multipurpose ERP stack up against the competition?

G2 recognizes Cube’s customer service, high performance, and ease of use (Summer ‘22)

Cube was awarded 6 G2 badges for the Summer 2022 season for Mid-Market & Summer categories: High Performer, Easiest to Do Business With, and Best Support.

The 10 top financial close software for a stressless month end (2023)

Your financial close is important. Look at these top financial close software tools to ensure you're doing the best job possible.

Sales quota capacity planning
Sales Quota Capacity

Easily and sustainably grow your business's sales arm with this free sales quota capacity template for Excel and Google Sheets.

Rolling 12-Month Forecast

Easily and quickly maintain a rolling 12-month forecast for your business's operating expenses with this free Excel and Google Sheets template.

Statement of cash flow
Statement of cash flows (Excel template)

Refresh or revise your cash flow reporting and operations with this free Excel and Google Sheets template from Cube.

Capital expenditures
Capital Expenditures

Calculate the associated spend and depreciation for a capital budget or forecast with this free template.

Corporate performance management: a primer

Corporate performance management (CPM) describes the methods and processes of measuring a company's performance. For FP&A teams, it's essential to know.

15 best financial statement software tools [Updated for 2023]

Financial statements are an important part of your reporting process. But which financial statement software do you choose? This guide helps you find out.

Datarails reviews (updated for 2023): features, pricing, competitors

Get the inside scoop on Datarails. We've collected Datarails reviews, datarails pricing, and even datarails competitors and alternatives to consider.

Cube vs. Anaplan vs. Datarails vs. Adaptive vs. Vena vs. Planful
Anaplan vs. Adaptive vs. Planful vs. Vena vs. Datarails vs. Cube

Picking the best FP&A tool can be a challenge. That's why we wrote this guide comparing Anaplan vs Adaptive vs Planful vs Vena vs Datatails vs Cube.

21 best finance software for businesses & personal finances [in 2023]

Finance software is essential for any business there are too many choices to sift through. Here's the best business and personal finance software.

The 8 best financial planning software tools [updated for 2023]

Companies today are getting the same message: Plan B is not enough. This list of financial planning software will help you plan faster in today's climate.

The 17 best financial reporting software tools [updated for 2023]

We made this list of the 17 best financial reporting software tools to help you pick what's best for your business.

14 best budgeting software tools & apps [updated for 2023]

Budgeting can be a long and dysfunctional process. That's why we've pulled together this list of budgeting software tools for FP&A teams of all sizes.

mid market planning tools
The 5 best mid-market planning tools for business [updated for 2023]

With so many FP&A planning tools on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Read this post to learn about the top 5 mid-marketing planning tools.

month end close process
8 must-do steps for your month-end close process

Is your month-end close process taking too long, or do you think you should be doing more? Here's our essential month-end close process checklist.

Budget Forecasting
What is budget forecasting?

Learn all about budget forecasting and how it's different than a traditional budget or a traditional forecast.

direct vs indirect method of cash flow
Cash flow: What's the difference between the direct vs. indirect method?

Learn when to use the direct vs indirect method for calculating your business's cash flow.

Pitching VCs? Here's the deck we used to raise $30M with Battery Ventures

Pitching VCs? Here's the deck we used to raise $30M with Battery Ventures, as featured in Business Insider.

Spreadsheet-Native: The Clear Approach to FP&A

The office of the CFO has evolved, but its tools no longer keep up. Enter spreadsheet-native: the clear approach to the future of FP&A.

Becoming a
Becoming a “have” in B2B SaaS starts with FP&A

OpenView released a report in 2021 that tells the difference between a B2B SaaS "have" and a "have not." How do you make sure you're a "have"? Cube's VP of Customer Success, Marc Williams, walks you though the process.

Operating Expense (OpEx) Planning
Operating Expense Planning

Quickly and easily collect operating expenses from department leaders with this sample department budget opex collection file.

Free P&L Budget vs. Actuals Excel Template
P&L Budget vs. Actuals (Free Excel Template)

This downloadable P&L budget vs. actual Excel template compares your actual income and expenses to what you'd predicted when you made your budget.

SaaS Revenue Model
SaaS Revenue Model

Download our Excel template to make SaaS revenue models to make informed decisions on fundraising, scenario planning, and other endeavors.

3 statement model template
Basic 3-Statement Model (Free Excel Template)

The 3-statement model combines 3 key reports into one forecast. This is a free, downloadable Excel template you can use for your own financial models.

Simple ARR Forecast (Revenue/Churn)

Compare revenue and churn or forecast ARR (annual recurring revenue) with this downloadable Excel template.

Headcount Planning

Headcount and workforce planning can involve a lot of moving parts. Use this downloadable headcount planning Excel template to simplify the process.

How SmugMug's CFO turned budgeting into an easy and practical process

Budgeting at SmugMug was a tangled mess, even after restructuring their departments. But things changed when CFO Stephanie started using Cube. This is how.

How WizeHire saves 90% of their time (and does stronger FP&A work)

When WizeHire raised their first round, they suddenly had a new problem: fast growth forced them to work nights and weekends to stay on top of their data.

How 1rockwell uses Cube to speed up monthly close

1Rockwell no longer spends all their time closing the books, nor do they chase down data discrepancies between Quickbooks and their spreadsheet. Learn how.

How Masterworks used Cube to realize their unicorn valuation

Learn how Nigel used Cube to keep Masterworks as lean as possible until the company was ready to scale---with incredible results.

Why I joined Cube: A product person’s perspective

Learn why Rob Baesman joined Cube was the VP of Product and what's next for Cube's growth, from a product person's perspective.

FP&A software checklist
The complete FP&A software evaluation checklist (for 2023)

This is the most complete FP&A software evaluation checklist on the planet. In this guide, you'll learn how to select the best FP&A solution for you.

G2 ranks Cube high performer, easiest to do business with (Spring '22)

Cube was awarded 4 G2 badges for the Winter 2022 season: Budgeting & Forecasting, Corporate Performance Management, Financial Analysis, and Mid-Market.

Chart of accounts: basics and best practices

Learn the basics and best practices to setting up and maintaining a chart of accounts for your business. Includes a quick chart of accounts list!

What is customer lifetime value (LTV)? Definition, uses, examples

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is an essential metric to for any SaaS business. In this blog post, you'll learn how to calculate and interpret your LTV.

LTV/CAC ratio: your secret weapon to measure sales & marketing ROI

How do you measure your sales spend? How do you know when it's time to scale your business? The LTV/CAC ratio tells you all of that...and more.

Top-down vs. bottom-up budgeting: which should you use?

Top-down vs. bottom-up budgeting...which should you choose? As many with things, it depends. In this post, you'll learn more about each approach.

Full steam ahead? Calculating the SaaS magic number

Your SaaS magic number is a powerful indicator of when it's time to grow. Learn how to calculate and interpret it in this blog post.

Cohort Analysis
Cohort analysis: the secret to the best insights you've ever gotten

Learn some simple cohort analysis techniques (like acquisition vs. behavioral cohorts) so that you can better understand your customers' behavior.

Track and control revenue churn to keep your best customers

Learn how to calculate, interpret, and improve your SaaS business's revenue churn in this quick guide (Excel template included!).

Gross revenue retention (GRR) vs. Net revenue retention (NRR)
Revenue retention (GRR vs. NRR): calculate, interpret, and improve

Gross Revenue Retention (GRR) and Net Revenue Retention (NRR), sometimes called GDR and NDR, are two essential metrics for any SaaS business.

Getting buy-in for your next finance transformation project

So you're ready to start a finance transformation project, but how do you convince your team that it's worth the cost? Use these 6 best-practices

In a new finance leadership role? Here’s a guide for a successful first 90 days

How should you prepare for a new role in finance leadership? Use this guide to set your team up for success from day 1.

Scenario Planning
Scenario planning: Strategies for moving beyond the basics

Scenario planning is a method of forecasting and analysis that takes a variety of assumptions to drive different outcomes in the future.

Rule of 40 and SaaS: What is it and why is it so important?

The Rule of 40 says a company's revenue growth rate plus profitability margin should be equal to or greater than 40%. SaaS companies should heed this rule.

Strategic budgeting: are you getting it right? A guide for 2023

Strategic budgeting should be treated as a formal planning process. In this guide to strategic planning, we show you how to do just that.

Cash flow forecasting
Cash forecasting: a quick guide for busy FP&A teams (updated for 2023)

For finance teams at SaaS companies, cash flow forecasting is fundamental to help executives manage and guide the business.

Rolling Forecast
When is a rolling forecast right for my business?

A rolling forecast evolves with your business. It’s a living, breathing document that is always updated for say, 12 months out.

Quick ratio vs. current ratio: the quick difference

Learn the quick difference between the quick vs. current ratio and when you best use each metric in your business, plus where the acid test ratio fits in.

Feel the burn: a guide to gross burn vs. net burn

Gross burn and net burn each contribute to a company’s understanding of how long it can keep earning and spending cash at this rate before it runs dry.

What’s the difference between a plan, a budget, and a forecast?

While a company’s plan, budget, and financial forecast are often discussed in the boardroom, these terms' functions are not always clear.

The definitive guide to a finance implementation
The definitive guide to an FP&A software implementation (in 2023)

When working on a financial implementation, it’s important to win and create a seamless transition that employees will be excited about.

How to accelerate your annual budgeting process (in 2023)

Many businesses dread the annual budgeting process as the fiscal year comes to a close. However, here are some tips for speeding it up.

Empower executives
How to empower non-financial executives to understand the numbers

Explaining financial numbers to non-financial executives can be a challenge. Here are our top tips for communicating with all types of business leaders.

PSA: Not all metrics are KPIs - best practices

If you have a 2-page list of “KPIs,” we’re calling them the wrong thing. Not all metrics are KPIs, but KPIs are metrics. Let me explain...

CAC (customer acquisition cost): how to measure sales/marketing ROI

The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) metric calculates the sales and marketing costs it takes in order to acquire each customer.

What is financial planning and analysis (FP&A)?
What is financial planning & analysis (FP&A) in 2023?

Financial Planning and Analysis, or FP&A, is the budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis that supports the financial health of a company.

16 best cash flow management software tools for busy FP&A teams [2023]

Here are the best cash flow management software tools for finance and FP&A teams looking to manage cash flow and make cash forecasts in 2023.

The 16 best financial forecasting software for FP&A teams [in 2023]

We've rounded up the best financial forecasting software to help FP&A teams make financial projections to predict and estimate business performance.

What is financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software?

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software helps strategic finance teams improve their planning, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, and reporting.

The 15 best financial management software tools for businesses in 2023

If you’re not using modern financial management software, you don't have the most accurate view of your organization’s financial health.

business budgeting software
The 12 best business budgeting software tools (updated for 2023)

Business budgeting software is essential for any business looking to create budgets, forecasts, and better decisions.

best fp&a software
The 10 best FP&A software tools: a guide for 2023

Finance teams use FP&A software solutions to streamline and automate their work. Here's an overview of the top 10 FP&A software providers.

Workday Adaptive Planning
A full Workday Adaptive Planning review [Updated for 2023]

This is a full and honest Workday Adaptive Planning review (formerly Adaptive Insights). Pros, cons, pricing, alternatives: everything you need to know.

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