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Why Cube is invested in the future of FP&A

Updated: November 27, 2023 |

Josh Holat

CTO & Co-Founder, Cube Software

Josh Holat
Josh Holat

Josh is a 2x founder / CTO, having led his first company through a successful acquisition in 2015. He has extensive experience building and scaling engineering teams. One of Cube's founders, Josh is passionate about arming FP&A teams with the most innovative technology to help companies hit their numbers.

CTO & Co-Founder, Cube Software

Why Cube is invested in the future of FP&A

From day one, Cube has maintained a strong viewpoint that the best way to help FP&A teams is by meeting them where they are. Our approach of embracing, not replacing spreadsheets—and being the first spreadsheet-native FP&A platform—is engrained in everything that we do.

Just as planning processes need to be flexible in today’s ever-changing business landscape, Cube’s product and technology have needed to match this pace of change.


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In the last few years, spreadsheets have seen a plethora of extremely exciting updates to make them even more powerful. Everything from lambda functions to the latest AI updates for analyzing data has made them only more powerful as the core tool for any finance team to move quickly and effectively. Looking at what's ahead, we at Cube are constantly asking ourselves how we can work alongside these updates to make the lives of FP&A teams even easier. The good news? Cube lives within the spreadsheet just as you do.

As a representation of this commitment, I’m excited to announce that this unique approach Cube has taken is officially patent pending! “Methods and systems for universal spreadsheet adapters” outlines the way we’ve designed the technology that allows us to support any and all of the spreadsheets our customers have grown to love.

Now, I want to dive into how we got here and the exciting things this patent brings to our customers.

Recognizing the gaps in FP&A

For me, the "aha" moment didn't come out of thin air. It hit me during one of the many conversations I had with Christina Ross. She was a seasoned finance leader who had been jaded by FP&A platforms and was looking to build something better.

We zeroed in on a glaring issue: modern FP&A solutions were sidelining the spreadsheet, the go-to tool for finance teams everywhere. Finance pros weren't clinging to spreadsheets out of habit; they trusted them because they were versatile and effective.

Unlike other FP&A platforms, we didn't want to force a new, unfamiliar system on users. We recognized the genuine affinity finance teams had for their spreadsheets. They're a staple for finance teams, so our aim is to enhance them, not replace them. This is where our unique technology comes into play: universal spreadsheet adapters. This technology means that when we release a new feature, it's immediately available to everyone, whether they use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

This approach ties back to our core mission: meeting our customers where they are. By ensuring all finance professionals have equal access to the same tools, we're not just offering a product, but a solution tailored to the everyday challenges of finance teams.

The future of finance

In a world where financial landscapes are constantly shifting, Cube is committed to staying agile and responsive. Our goal is to ensure that Cube is equipped to provide the flexibility and support our customers need no matter how the industry evolves.

We're excited about what the future holds and are focused on enhancing our technology to keep pace with these changes. From more seamless data integration to advanced forecasting tools, we're continuously improving Cube to make sure it's not just a part of your financial toolkit but a cornerstone of it.

As we move forward, Cube is ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a changing financial world. We're looking forward to helping our customers navigate these changes with confidence and ease.

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