Headcount Planning

Intelligent workforce management starts here.

Easily model and analyze headcount scenarios, align staffing levels with business objectives, and ensure you have the right talent in place to meet your company goals.


Be one, two, three steps ahead

Simulate various staffing scenarios and gain a strategic advantage that aligns with your financial goals.


Make smart talent decisions

Optimize workforce composition so your organization is proactively positioned for success with the right mix of skills and expertise.


Move even

Adapt headcount plans on the fly with ease so you can react quickly to market changes, unexpected events, or new opportunities.

Scenario planning

Create, compare, and analyze multiple headcount scenarios effortlessly across different plans to ensure you never miss a beat.


Customizable dashboards

Get up-to-date insights into your headcount data on-demand so you can make strategic org design decisions based on your financial goals.

Headcount planning dashboard

Collaborative planning

Collaborate on headcount scenarios, quickly share insights, and ensure everyone is on the same page on where to invest in the business.


Cube has eliminated the human error aspect, which has helped our data become way more accurate.

Alex Leavitt, Director of FP&A

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