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Building strong relationships across your organization: key strategies for finance leaders

Learn strategies, tactics, and best practices essential for finance professionals to forge strong business relationships.

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45 minutes

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Finance expertise is crucial—but without trust and a voice in your organization, it's nearly impossible to effectively influence key business decisions.

Watch as Chris Ortega, Fractional CFO and CEO of Fresh FP&A, discusses how to elevate your role as a finance leader through better communication and trusted partnerships.

This exclusive session will equip you with the strategies you need to build stronger relationships, communicate effectively across your organization, and ensure your financial insights are impactful and integral to your company’s strategic initiatives.

Hosted by Jim Bullis, Head of Solutions Consulting at Cube, this session will explore:

  • Proven strategies to align your financial expertise with broader company goals (and effectively communicate these insights to non-finance colleagues)
  • Why building trust is as crucial as demonstrating competency—and strategies to enhance both
  • Expert tactics to transform your financial data into compelling stories that engage and motivate all departments


Chris Ortega

Fractional CFO and CEO,

Fresh FP&A

As a CFO expert, Chris Ortega helps small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) navigate financial complexities, improve financial predictability, and achieve strategic growth. With 20+ years of executive finance experience in various industries and roles, he possesses a deep and comprehensive understanding of accounting, finance, FP&A, and fractional CFO leadership.

Jim Bullis

Head of Solutions Consulting,

Cube Software

Jim Bullis is a proven business and data analytics leader with over 13 years of experience leading complex EPM and CPM implementations. Currently the Head of Solutions Consulting at Cube, Jim has consulted and supported a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 organizations, to privately held corporations generating over $100M in revenue, to public sector entities.


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