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Accelerate data-driven decisions by automating your most repetitive tasks.


Features at a glance

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    Customizable dashboards

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    Easy ad-hoc reporting

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    Automated audit trail

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    Report templates

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    Source systems integrations


Report the way you want

Excel, Google Sheets, or in-app—work how and where you want. Easily collaborate with stakeholders, build reports and dashboards with greater flexibility, and keep everyone on the same page.


Feel confident in your data

Skip manually verifying your work, cell-by-cell and row-by-row. Cube automates data validation and error-checking, saving you time and minimizing mistakes. 

PM - Feel confident


Fast-track your insights

No more manual data gathering means you can instantly surface results, get quicker time to value, keep pace with the business, and focus on strategy.

PM - fast tracking

REPORTING & Analytics For Teams

FP&A for all

Get out of the weeds by automating reports and data consolidation so teams can focus on strategic decision-making.

Cube for Finance


Keep a pulse on the financial performance of your business to plan for whatever the economic winds throw at you.

Cube for Sales


Close opportunities with greater forecasting accuracy and precision to ensure your sales team hits plan.

Cube for HR


Take stock of your headcount and plan accurately with easily customizable financial workforce reports.

Cube for C-Suite


Impress the board, stay close to your numbers, and guide your business with confidence.

cube-for-finance cube-for-sales cube-for-hr cube-for-csuite reporting-card-main

Business needs, solved.

Three statement model

Easily create, update, and analyze income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports to gain valuable insights into the state of your business or create more advanced financial models to enhance strategic planning.

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Cash flow reporting
Effectively manage your company's liquidity. Track the sources and uses of cash, identify cash flow patterns, and forecast future cash positions. Gain insights into your cash management strategies, ensuring the financial health and stability of your organization.
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Ad hoc reporting

Reports that previously required days or weeks to complete can now be delivered within hours, if not minutes, allowing you to focus on strategy.

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Performance reporting
Track key performance indicators, visualize trends, and generate insightful reports to assess the effectiveness of your business strategies. Make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement and achieve your financial goals.
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Variance analysis
Pinpoint the reasons behind budget variances and deviations. Easily compare actual performance against budgeted expectations, allowing you to identify areas of improvement and optimize resource allocation for better financial outcomes.
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Being able to customize within Cube to match our unique reporting needs is a plus. It has allowed me to increase the volume of reporting to stakeholders, providing even more visibility into company financials.

Antonella Sciortino, VP of Finance

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