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G2 recognizes Cube’s customer service, high performance, and ease of use (Summer ‘22)


Jake Ballinger
Jake Ballinger

Jake Ballinger is an experienced SEO and content manager with deep expertise in FP&A and finance topics. He speaks 9 languages and lives in NYC.

G2 recognizes Cube’s customer service, high performance, and ease of use (Summer ‘22)

Following our achievements from Spring, we’re proud to announce six new G2 badges for the Summer 2022 quarter:

  • High Performer (Mid-Market + Summer)
  • Easiest to Do Business With (Mid-Market + Summer) 
  • Best Support (Mid-Market + Summer)

Read on for insight from actual Cube users (also available on our G2 profile

Jake Ballinger

Jake Ballinger

FP&A Writer, Cube Software

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High Performer (Mid-Market + Summer)

Cube was built to empower FP&A teams to work faster, with fewer errors, and in sync. By pairing the ubiquitous spreadsheet with the power of enterprise software, we help teams spend less time collecting data, and more time on the strategic work that moves the business forward.

Matthew, who works at an enterprise company said:

Cube allows us to automate reporting and it allows us to build reporting to be able to deep dive into the drivers of business performance. [Cube] helps speed up and automate reporting while providing the necessary tools to deep dive [into] variances and drivers.

Nicholas J, Senior Director at a SMB company commented:

Cube allows me to budget, forecast, and report against multiple dimensions in a way that is easy yet flexible. The problem I have using just excel is that gathering and normalizing the data can take a lot of complex formulas before I even get to reporting or budgeting/forecasting. Cube takes the data aggregation out of my models and puts it into a system, by doing this I can create simple reports on any intersection of the data.

summer 22 g2 badges x2-1

Easiest to Do Business With (Mid-Market + Summer)

There’s a reason our company values are “simple,” “nimble,” “human,” and “joyful.” We aim to create delightful human-centric experiences in all the work we do at Cube. Naturally, this has trickled down into our product design and user experience.

Dustin, Director of Operational Finance for a mid-market business recommended a demo with Cube:

If you're forecasting and tracking KPIs in spreadsheets and it’s time to upgrade to a formal product, but you're hesitant to pull the trigger on a host of tools that require lengthy implementation cycles, limit your end users, or isn't flexible to encompass your business operations, you need to schedule a demo with Cube. It will help organize your existing chaos and scale as you continue to grow.

Rick K, an account at a mid-market company said: 

Being able to customize a report template, and "fetch" the data for different periods saves our accounting team so much time when we are closing a month/period. I also love how seamless Cube integrates with Google Sheets. Our company exclusively uses Google products, and when we were shopping around, most similar solutions only used Excel. 

What took a full day (or more) of creating digestible reports for leadership and stakeholders can now be done in under an hour.

Best Support (Mid-Market + Summer)

Quarter to quarter, our customer success team continuously earns top marks. Here's what select customers had to say about their experience working with the Cube team.

Kristina D, VP of Finance and Strategy praised our customer service: 

Cube simplified my life. Best part of Cube is customer service support. It is honestly a white glove service! They are just a slack ping away. 

One anonymous user from a mid-market non-profit organization, said: 

One of my favorite parts of Cube was how quick and easy the implementation process was. We were up and running in less than a month after signing the contract and the team communicated with us the whole team. The training was super simple and our account manager is almost always available instantly to help us with whatever we need.

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We’re founded by a serial CFO turned CEO who’s intimately familiar with the limitations of just spreadsheets and the frustration of cumbersome software. Her goal was to create the “just right” solution for FP&A teams.

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