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G2 ranks Cube high performer, easiest to do business with (Spring '22)

Updated: June 16, 2023 |

Jake Ballinger

FP&A Writer, Cube Software

Jake Ballinger
Jake Ballinger

Jake Ballinger is an experienced SEO and content manager with deep expertise in FP&A and finance topics. He speaks 9 languages and lives in NYC.

FP&A Writer, Cube Software

G2 ranks Cube high performer, easiest to do business with (Spring '22)

We're proud to announce that we're the new owners of six G2 badges for the Spring 2022 season:

  • High Performer (Mid-Market + Spring)
  • Easiest to Do Business With (Mid-Market + Spring)
  • Best Support (Mid-Market + Spring)

Let's get into it.


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High Performer (Mid-Market + Spring)

Cube G2 Badges (1)

By acting as a single source of truth for all of a company's financial data, Cube helps FP&A teams do deeper financial analysis—faster, with fewer errors, and with more astounding results.

One user (who chose to remain anonymous) working in financial services for a mid-market company had this to say:

"Cube has been a very nice solution that seamlessly works in both Excel and Google Sheets. It allowed us to optimize various financial processes and perform more in-depth analysis on the business efficiently. Overall, Cube has helped us to improve our processes further and continue growing."

- Tim, a Sr. Accounting Manager for a mid-market business, said:

"Cube enables us to freely manipulate financial reporting data with flexibility that our ERP/Accounting system doesn't offer. In doing so, Cube allows us to display relevant data to stakeholders in a more professional & helpful manner."

Both of these quotes speak to something central to the Cube mission: helping FP&A teams work faster and better with smoother processes. By extension, we want to help teams do exactly what Tim was able to do: have more productive, real-time conversations driven by data storytelling.

Easiest to Do Business With (Mid-Market + Spring)

Cube has a reputation for being easy to use, which is no accident—we designed Cube to work with the spreadsheet (which is an environment everybody is already familiar with). One CFO said:

"Cube is an intuitive platform that eliminates our need to update our reporting packages manually. All our reporting is automatically updated, substantially reducing our time to publish reports and enhancing our accuracy. The Cube team was terrific to work with during our implementation; they are responsive and have guided our use cases."

Zack, a director of FP&A for a small business, said that Cube's

Google sheets add on extension is really unique and extremely helpful. You no longer have to download CSV's from your Quickbooks as Cube brings in all the data you need with a click of a button. I also really love how you can publish data back to Cube and classify it under different scenarios. Makes forecasting much easier!

Best Support (Mid-Market + Spring)

The Cube Customer Success team was awarded a perfect score for the Spring 2022 G2 season. Here's what different Cube users had to say about their experience with Customer Success: 

This is a great tool for all companies who are looking into using their first FP&A tool. The support team is fantastic and is readily available through Slack and will guide you throughout your whole setup process.

The support team is fantastic and is readily available through Slack and will guide you throughout your whole setup process.

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