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G2 awards Cube 30 badges and multiple top spots for Budgeting and Forecasting (Winter ‘24)

Updated: December 20, 2023 |

Alyssa DiSabito

Content Marketing Manager, Cube Software

Alyssa DiSabito
Alyssa DiSabito

Content Marketing Manager, Cube Software

G2 awards Cube 30 badges and multiple top spots for Budgeting and Forecasting (Winter ‘24)

FP&A leaders often grapple with endless spreadsheets, constant manual tweaks, and the feeling that there's got to be a more efficient method.

This is where FP&A platforms like Cube come into play, addressing these common challenges. Cube, created with finance professionals in mind, empowers your spreadsheet with trusted, managed data so you can report, analyze, and plan your way.

This quarter, we're thrilled to announce that Cube has been recognized with 30 badges in G2’s Winter Report. Each badge represents our ongoing commitment to creating a user-friendly product, providing outstanding customer service, and helping every company achieve its financial goals.


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Breaking news: Cube receives 30 badges in G2’s Winter Report

In addition to earning top spots for Budgeting and Forecasting, Cube’s G2 badges were earned across several disciplines, including Corporate Performance Management, Financial Close, and Financial Analysis.

A big thank you to all our customers who've shared their valuable insights and support. Making our customers happy is what we aim for, and your feedback is a rewarding sign of how Cube has positively impacted your experience.

It's gratifying to see our dedication to friction-free FP&A echoed in the feedback we receive from customers on G2:

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Thanks to this feedback, Cube has received several top rankings this winter, including: 

Best estimated ROI

At Cube, we're all about making things better (and easier)  for FP&A teams. We work hard to save customers' money, boost their revenue, streamline their FP&A processes, and save valuable hours in their day. It's rewarding to see these efforts really pay off, helping businesses improve their financial results and do better overall.

“Quickbooks doesn't have a robust or flexible budget capability, and filling that gap is what led me to Cube,” says Kevin H. “I'm able to fully house budget and forecast scenarios, run reports and analytics, all within Cube.”

Most implementable

We’re focused on smooth and easy FP&A processes, and that extends to our hassle-free implementation. Our users appreciate how user-friendly Cube is when it comes to setting up, deploying, and integrating with their existing systems and workflows.

“The implementation support has been excellent,” says Charly R. “Extremely helpful and knowledgeable technical advisors have had a solution to every complex request we have had.”

Learn more about our implementation process here.

Easiest to use

FP&A software should make processes easier, not more complicated. That’s why G2 users love Cube’s flexible, user-friendly design. 

“I'm able to run monthly budget variance reports and plan for the future with ease,” says Kevin H.

Leader (Winter) and Leader (Americas)

Our customers have expressed their appreciation on G2 for our complete solutions, attentive support, and exceptional value.

One of our G2 users, Guneet O., described Cube as the “Perfect tool for the FP&A department of a mid-size company.”

This kind of positive feedback highlights our dedication not just to providing an FP&A solution, but to being a dependable ally in our customers' financial journeys.

Check out our G2 profile to see what else our customers have to say about working with Cube. 

We're truly grateful to our committed Cubers who have consistently delivered an outstanding customer experience, contributing to our notable standings on G2 this quarter.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all our Cube customers and advocates for taking the time to share their valuable insights on G2!

Find out why G2 users love Cube

Christina Ross, a 3x CFO-turned-CEO, established Cube with a clear goal: to develop the “just right” FP&A solution.

Cube aims to elevate FP&A teams from tedious tasks to strategic roles by offering:

  • A streamlined, more automated FP&A process
  • A reliable, unified source of data
  • Enhanced capabilities for analysis, modeling, forecasting, and automatic reporting
  • The option to retain the best aspects of spreadsheets while automating the rest

Curious to discover why our customers are fans of Cube? Sign up for a free demo today.

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