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G2 spotlights Cube as an FP&A Leader, awarding badges for Highest User Adoption, Best Support, and more (Summer ‘24)

Updated: July 10, 2024 |

Alyssa DiSabito

Content Marketing Manager, Cube Software

Alyssa DiSabito
Alyssa DiSabito

Content Marketing Manager, Cube Software

G2 spotlights Cube as an FP&A Leader, awarding badges for Highest User Adoption, Best Support, and more (Summer ‘24)

FP&A leaders know the challenges all too well—complex spreadsheets, constant manual fixes, and the relentless search for a more efficient strategy. That's why having the right tools is crucial.

Cube is here to enhance your spreadsheets with reliable, managed data, making reporting, analysis, and planning smoother and more efficient.

This summer, we're thrilled to be recognized in G2’s Summer Report. This recognition shows our commitment to providing a user-friendly solution and exceptional support, helping you achieve your financial goals.

G2 spotlights Cube as an FP&A Leader, awarding badges for Highest User Adoption, Best Support, and more (Summer ‘24)


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Exciting update: Cube shines in G2’s Summer Report

Cube has been listed as one of the top FP&A platforms across several disciplines, including Budgeting and Forecasting, Corporate Performance Management, Financial Close, and Financial Analysis.

Cube was recognized as a high performer in each of these four categories, scoring higher than many top competitors in the space—including Jirav, Planful, Causal, Jedox, Pigment, IBM Planning Analytics, Board, Onestream, and more.

It's gratifying to see our dedication to friction-free FP&A echoed in the feedback we receive from customers on G2:

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Thanks to this feedback, Cube has been awarded several badges this Summer, including but not limited to: 

Highest User Adoption

We're all about making FP&A easier and more accessible, so it's amazing to see how our efforts are helping teams adapt and thrive.

One of our users shared, "Our team has been using Cube for a little over two years, and it was a sorely needed replacement for Oracle PBCS. Since then, our company has gone through significant change, building new revenue streams and reorganizing. Cube provided us with the flexibility and usability that we needed to navigate change. We love the easy-to-use Dimension Manager and calculated fields.”

A favorite feature for many is Cube’s seamless integration with Google Sheets. For organizations on GSuite, this shift from Excel to GSheets makes everything smoother and more compatible.

It's awesome to hear how Cube has made such a positive difference for teams, helping them transition smoothly and focus on what really matters.

Best Support

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support to our users, and it's fantastic to see how this dedication is making a real difference.

One customer shared, “The customer support and IT teams have been phenomenal, especially as it relates to the new dashboard feature. The team is always willing to look into my particular use case for presenting data a certain way, and is quick to respond with the best way how to do it.”

It's feedback like this that keeps us motivated to continue offering top-notch support, ensuring our users have the best experience possible with Cube.

Easiest Admin

Streamlining processes and making admin tasks easier is what we aim for, and it's great to see how Cube is hitting the mark.

One user mentioned, “It really is a very useful product at its core. Cube's Excel and NetSuite integration makes month-end close reporting soooo much easier and has really helped to streamline a lot of our processes. The software allows you to import and play with different and granular cuts of data very well.”

Hearing how Cube simplifies month-end close reporting and enhances data management for our users is incredibly rewarding.

Leader & High Performer

Being recognized as a leader and high performer in FP&A software is truly gratifying. We’re dedicated to helping teams achieve peak efficiency and performance.

One user shared, “Great FP&A software that has greatly improved our team efficiency. User-friendly and helps with analysis at all levels of detail (from a consolidated P&L view to detailed transaction level). We also really like the 'Publish' feature which we use to create forecasts and compare to actuals.”

Hearing how Cube is driving efficiency and enabling detailed financial analysis for our users highlights the impact we're making in the FP&A space.

➡️ Check out our G2 profile to see what else our customers have to say about working with Cube. ⬅️

We're incredibly grateful to our dedicated Cubers who have consistently delivered an outstanding customer experience, contributing to our notable standings on G2 this quarter.

A massive thank you goes out to all our Cube customers and advocates for taking the time to share their valuable insights on G2!

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When she founded Cube, 3x CFO-turned-CEO Christina Ross had one main goal: to create the “just right” solution for FP&A teams.

Cube helps FP&A teams skip the hours of manual work and jump ahead to solutions that drive better business performance by providing:

  • A less manual FP&A process
  • Confidence in your numbers
  • Access to more analysis, models, forecasts, and automated reports
  • The ability to keep what you love about spreadsheets (and automate what you don't)

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