Surviving Budget Season:
4 Proven Tactics for Finance Leaders

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Ah, budgeting season…it’s back again.

From working with budget leaders to getting buy-in for your strategic plan, this time of year can feel like herding cats.

To survive, you need to bring together key players, build a plan people can rally behind, and guarantee everyone is aligned around a common goal.

The good news? We’re here to help.

Listen to former serial CFO and current CEO of Cube, Christina Ross, and fractional CFO and CEO of Fresh FP&A, Chris Ortega, as they share proven tactics to ensure your upcoming budget season is productive, collaborative, and on target.

Discover how to:

  • Plan for the work ahead by conducting post-mortems and aligning goals and OKRs
  • Work the plan using templates and core metrics to foster collaboration
  • Partner with key stakeholders and departmental leaders
  • Present a plan that gets buy-in and alignment from the broader business


Christina Ross

CEO & Founder,


Christina Ross is a former 3x CFO and finance transformation leader with experience in start-ups, pre-IPO, and enterprise companies such as Deloitte, Rent The Runway, and GE.

Chris Ortega

CEO & Fractional CFO,

Fresh FP&A

Chris Ortega is a seasoned finance leader, with a deep and comprehensive understanding of accounting, finance, FP&A, and fractional CFO leadership around finance transformation.


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