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How Growth Operators uses Cube's flexibility to scale


  • Clipboard-checkSimplified process
    simple-to-use-iconFlexibility with planning
    Data-cloudData aggregation

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  • Configurable data mapping
    Direct Integrations
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Growth Operators

What I love the most is Cube's flexibility. It doesn't tell me how to manage my organization, rather it provides me the flexibility to manage our processes how we see fit.

Why Cube

Cube’s flexibility lets you manage your FP&A your way.

The Senior Director of FP&A at Growth Operators needed a tool to budget, forecast, and report against multiple dimensions. The solution needed to be easy to implement, quick to learn, and flexible. 

How they're finding success with Cube: 

  • Data aggregation is now out of models and in a system
  • The FP&A team can plan separate lines of the P&L differently
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and reporting against multiple dimensions is now easy, reliable, and flexible

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About Growth Operators

Growth Operators is a finance, accounting, and HR transformation services provider.

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