DataRails vs. Cube

Cube’s FP&A software is designed for companies that move fast. It’s easy to set up, has an intuitive interface, and allows you to sync data from source systems to your spreadsheets.

With Cube, you can connect your ERP, HRIS, and/or CRM directly to Excel and Google Sheets, giving you a reliable single source of truth. Fill out the form on this page to get a free demo and see if Cube is right for you.

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Trusted by the world's top growth companies

  • Simple & Intuitive Experience

    Full Excel, Google Sheets, and Web compatibility on Mac and PC

    Modern API for easy connections with everything

    Excel and PC compatibility only

    Older tech stack means fewer integrations and with older software

  • Fast Time To Value & Lower Cost

    Intuitive design gets you started in as little as 10 days for high impact

    Short implementation time means lower cost & higher ROI

    Higher learning curve due to complex and unintuitive reporting

    4-10 week implementation time means reduced productivity + missing deadlines

  • Adaptive to Changing Needs

    Easy to use a spreadsheet. Add new models, scenarios & workflows on the fly

    Award-winning customer support with no expensive consultants needed

    Limited to Excel, so hard to scale outside of the finance team

    Overseas customer support

Plan a vacation, not an implementation

Go live in days, not months. No consultants required

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    • Flexibility

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    • Scalability

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    • Ease Of Use

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    • Controls

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    • Return on Investment

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How cube works

Keep what you love about spreadsheets and automate what you don’t.


Features that do the heavy lifting

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    Automated data Consolidation

    Connect data from multiple sources for automated rollups and drilldowns

  • how-it-works-scenario

    Multi-scenario analysis

    Seamlessly model how changes to key assumptions affect overall outputs.

  • how-it-works-customizable

    Customizable dashboards

    Build and share customizable dashboards and reports from reusable templates to flexible ad-hoc reporting.

  • how-it-works-spread

    Spreadsheet integrations

    We love Excel and all of your hotkeys, too! We're compatible and bi-directional with any spreadsheet.

  • Multi-currency

    Multi-currency support

    Evaluate your financials in both your local and reporting currencies.

  • User-based

    User-based controls

    User controls, validations, and an audit trail ensure that the right data goes to the right people at the right time.

  • Shareable templates

    Shareable templates

    Customizable, best-practice templates can easily be shared.

  • Drill through

    Drilldown and audit trail

    Get straight to the transactions and history behind a single cell of data in just one click.

  • Centralized

    Centralized formulas and KPIs

    Store all of your calculations in a central location and manage from a single source of truth.

Cube, the first Spreadsheet-native FP&A platform.

Customer stories

Background Rebecca

I can focus more time on analysis instead of creation. I'm getting out of data collection and into the strategy game.

Stephanie McVey


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Cube has been invaluable for us. As a lean, fast-growing company, we needed a flexible FP&A solution that leveraged our existing Excel models, linking them with our accounting software and internal systems. It's the perfect FP&A solution for spreadsheet junkies.


Nigel Glenday

CFO & Board Member

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Since starting with Cube, we’ve been able to save hours each month and no longer require additional headcount just to keep up. Most importantly, Cube has greatly reduced the potential for errors in our calculations since everything is pulled from a single source of truth.


Florian Gendeau

Head of Finance

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A faster, smarter FP&A experience in under 2 weeks

  • Access to an ever-growing community
  • Award-winning in-house support team
  • Founded by FP&A pros

"What had been weekends or nights became a click with Cube."

Sid Upadhyay

CEO & Co-Founder, WizeHire

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