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How It Works

Connect Your Existing Spreadsheets & Source Systems Into A Powerful Data & Analytics Hub

The Easiest-To-Use FP&A Platform On The Planet


Reporting & KPIs For All

Actualize Your Models And Automate Financial Reporting

Connect and transform data from any source, giving your team everything they need to accelerate business-critical decisions.

  • Push-Button Reporting

    Create revenue, cash, and unit-level reports without all of the imports, endless tabs, and sheets.

  • Drilldown

    Drill down into general ledger account rollups to analyze and problem-solve.

  • Cloud Pivot™

    Turn your spreadsheets into a powerful database.

Real-Time Planning & Forecasting

Deliver Accurate Forecasts And Up-To-Date Plans

Automatically update forecasts & drivers to deliver accurate data without the headache.

  • Scenarios

    Create and track versions, what-ifs, sensitivity analyses, and potential outcomes

  • Centralized Formulas

    Build cloud-based formulas with data from multiple sources.

  • Collaborative Planning

    Assign, track, and remind budget-owners and easily populate models with up-to-date drivers.

Close Management & Consolidation

Simplify Complex Corporate Structures

Create a single source of truth for your team that can be easily updated.

  • Centralized Mapping

    Unify multiple general ledgers, accounts, and departments.

  • Integrations

    Pull data from multiple workbooks, GL, CRM, HRIS and other critical source systems.

Audit-Ready Controls

Version Controls, Auditability, and User-Based Permissioning

Track data updates and give collaborators access to what they need.

  • User Permissions

    Share department, time, or scenario-based user access.

  • Audit Trail

    View robust change logs, version control, and governance.

  • Data Security

    Stay protected with application security, encryption, and two-factor authentication.

The Cube Impact