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Our Founding Story

Christina Ross

By Christina Ross, Founder & CEO of Cube

As a former CFO & Finance professional, I spent way too many late nights in the office, increasingly frustrated by the manual, error-prone nature of FP&A.

I hated playing bad cop, chasing teams for data and spending long hours building formulas and mapping tables that would later break. I tried other leading solutions, but found them to be heavy and difficult to adopt throughout the organization.

We created Cube for finance folks like us: teams that need a flexible but powerful solution to do more in less time, with fewer errors and better collaboration. Software that's easy enough for the entire business to use, but agile enough to implement and learn in just days. Cube promises to be that solution, and we hope to delight you in the process.

- Christina

Christina Ross
About Cube

Cube in a Nutshell

About Cube

Cube is the most delightful FP&A platform on the planet. We empower Finance professionals to deliver faster, more strategic insights that drive the business forward.

Built by Finance for Finance, Cube streamlines manual data transformation, reduces errors, and improves collaboration.

Think Enterprise FP&A meets the flexibility of your spreadsheet.

The best part is you can go live in just days, not months.


Our Mission


As automation and collaboration shape the future of work, Cube's mission is to empower Finance professionals to become the key strategic value-drivers of every organization.

Armed with faster, smarter insights, Finance teams will actively influence the key decisions that propel the business forward.




Cube is a place where we get PUMPED UP about FP&A :)

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