Engineering at Cube

As a team, we believe in transparency, ownership, and clear expectations. In that spirit, keep on reading to learn more about what we value, how we work, and what to expect during the engineering interview process.

We value focus time

While we use calendar tools to automatically create large blocks of focus time throughout the week, we also encourage engineers to block off their best focus time. You know if you're a morning person or a night owl, and we want you to be set up for success.

Each engineer can expect to be in less than six hours of meetings during a typical two-week sprint:

  • Daily 15-minute stand-ups
  • One 1-hour retro per sprint
  • Two 1-hour ticket refinements
  • Any 1:1s with your manager

Life at Cube

We're a digital-first company, but happily headquartered in New York City. This means remote work is the primary experience for all Cubers (a.k.a. what we call ourselves), but everyone has a home whenever they're in NYC.

Benefits & Perks


Egos left at the door

We embrace a high level of ownership. This means the team works together to decide on solutions instead of taking orders from management. We leave our egos at the door and respect everybody's experience.


Getting your perspective

We encourage Request For Comment (RFC) documents for larger changes to our codebase, which allows everyone on the team, regardless of experience or tenure, to suggest improvements to how we build.


Knowledge sharing is key

We value thorough documentation both within our codebase (through standardized doc-string comments) and alongside it (with Confluence write-ups to explain core functionality and architecture decisions).


High test coverage

Quality leads to stable releases, happy customers, and easy refactoring. We maintain 90%+ code coverage on average across our repos, and we're striving for even more.


HQ'd in NYC

We love using New York City as a hub for community and collaboration but prioritize clear communication to accommodate Cubers living across the US and Canada.

With many employees working remotely, we know how important it is to stay flexible.


Flex days

We have "Flex Days" built in throughout the year that everyone at Cube takes off to enjoy a long weekend. We use this as an opportunity to recharge and celebrate all the hard work that we do.

How we interview

(in under 5 hours)


Phone chat
Nicely done! Your information caught our eye. To start, you'll chat with our friendly recruiting team for 20-30 minutes so you can learn more about Cube (and so we can learn more about you).


Meet your manager
Next up is a quick 45-minute chat with your potential manager. You'll get to learn more about them, the team, our culture, and the exciting technical projects you’d be working on.


Code challenge
No tricks, algorithms, or deadlines here. Work on a problem relevant to Cube’s tech (we'll use your code in the next step). Time to show off what you can do!


Meet the team
The final step! Here you'll code review your challenge response with your future peers and learn more about what it's like to work at Cube.


Welcome to the team and congratulations! Now that you're officially a Cuber, our recruiting team will get you all set up and ready for your first day.

Why we love it here

The consideration of work-life balance at Cube is so real, I love that I'm seen as a person first (ask about Flex days!)

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Senior Software Engineer

I believe in the product and love working with my teammates. If we do our jobs well, we help our users do their jobs well.

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Senior Engineer

Being a Cuber means we celebrate each other's successes and support each other. It's something I cherish.

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Senior Backend Engineer


Ask the Chief Architect

Hire smart people, provide high-level direction, then stay out of the way.

This is the foundation to my management philosophy and one of the reasons I enjoy startups. It provides the opportunity to find smart people, give them a common goal, and then stand back, help where needed, and watch it unfold. As a manager, I see one of my main jobs as shielding the team from various distractions and roadblocks, and clearing a path for the team to get the important work done.

Unsure whether Cube might be a fit for you? Have a read through my operating manual first. If you're still unsure, click the button below to ask me any question you'd like.

Send Josh a question

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about what we're building at Cube.

- Josh Holat, CTO & Co-Founder

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Come join us

We’re actively hiring across all departments, but more than that, we’re looking for smart, hard-working, and humble people.