Because your spreadsheets could use some help

See how augmenting with Cube solves for the most painful challenges of spreadsheet-based planning

  • Highly Manual

    Highly Manual

    Spreadsheets are highly manual, requiring tedious hours of work

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    Cube automates the biggest challenges around manual spreadsheet workflow: from actualizing the model, to transforming data, to building reports. We do the work so you don't have to.

  • Limited Collaboration

    Limited Collaboration

    No means of workflow - files are exchanged over email or as a link. No means of approving data except through email or files.

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    Data collection, submission, and approvals can be managed through Cube's workflow tools and stored in their own scenarios. No more emailing spreadsheets back and forth or copying / pasting files.

  • Stale data

    Stale data

    Highly manual = high actual cost (time / speed / effort).

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    Cube pulls assumptions and drivers directly from their source systems, ensuring you're always looking at the most up-to-date data.

  • Error-Prone


    Spreadsheets are prone to formula errors, incorrect assumptions, and stale data

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    Cube uses automation and validation controls to ensure that your data is updated in real time, using the right formulas from your central library

  • Few Controls

    Few Controls

    Data security is nonexistent, requiring the user to create different versions for different users

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    User and group-based permissioning ensures the right data gets into only the right hands. Cube's audit trail ensures that version control is always on.

  • Excel Crashing

    Excel Crashing

    No audit trail showing who made changes, when and why

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    Cube connects your spreadsheet data to an actual database, and enables you to reference data from outside the workbook, keeping file sizes smaller.

Replacing Spreadsheets Entirely is a Missed Opportunity

  • Time-Consuming and Expensive Setup

    Most FP&A solutions require external consultants, weeks of scoping, and months of deployment.

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    Plan your next vacation, not an implementation. Cube can be launched in just a few days. Our intuitive, spreadsheet-integrated platform means no large-scale training is needed.

  • Difficult to Adopt & Adapt

    Solutions that replace spreadsheets entirely are heavy to adopt and adapt, resulting in low user satisfaction / end-user adoption.

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    Cube is as easy to use as your spreadsheet because you can stay in your spreadsheets. That means the learning curve is low and user adoption is high. Go live in days, not months.

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