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Looker Studio X Cube

Bring your data to life

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Looker Studio

Bring your data to life


Deepen financial insights

Enrich your financial planning with Cube’s analytical capabilities and dashboards to get a deeper understanding of your data.


Streamline data consolidation

Connect data from multiple source systems through established data tables, simplifying data management processes.

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Enhance decision-making

Don't leave big decisions up to chance. Get insights faster to make more informed and strategic moves for your business.

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When we decided to go with Cube over a few different vendors, the real selling point was how accommodating the people are and how easy it was to integrate with our current systems.

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Why integrate Looker Studio with Cube

Go live in days, not months. No consultants required.

  • Focused decision-making

    Use Looker Studio's detailed analyses and visualizations to inform your financial planning, optimizing decision-making processes with enriched data.

  • Integrated business insights

    Manually merge business and financial insights in Cube, drawing from Looker Studio's comprehensive datasets for a unified analysis perspective.

  • Strategic alignment

    Use Looker Studio's outputs to keep your Cube data current, ensuring that strategic decisions are based on the most recent and relevant information.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How complex is the integration process between Looker Studio and Cube?

    Connecting Looker Studio to Cube is a flexible process tailored to your data infrastructure and setup. Cube offers custom connectors and uses Boomi for adaptability. Our straightforward approach takes about 2-4 weeks and guarantees a seamless integration, aligning perfectly with your data system.

  • Can Cube handle the volume and types of data Looker Studio generates?

    Cube effectively manages large data volumes, recommending consolidation for transaction volumes surpassing 1 million records.

  • What additional analytical capabilities does Cube offer when integrated with Looker Studio?

    Cube's Analytics dashboards leverage your data to create powerful visual stories. Craft multiple dashboards, combining various chart types and data slices for a deeper understanding. Customizable visuals and auto-sync functionality keep the dashboards updated daily, ensuring you have the most up-to-date data at your disposal.

  • What level of customization or configuration is possible?

    When integrating Cube with Looker Studio, customization is extensive. You can utilize up to 8 major data categories with the flexibility to customize 5 to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, leverage 3 standard data categories—Account, Scenario, and Time.

    Enhance your data by adding up to 25 extra details, known as metadata, for each record imported, allowing for a richer and more tailored dataset.

  • How will integrating Cube with Looker Studio impact our workflow and data processing efficiency?

    Integrating Cube with Looker Studio makes everything smoother. It ensures easy data transfer, advanced analytics, and simpler data management. This boosts efficiency in generating insights, making decisions faster, and planning strategically. Using Cube with your BI tool simplifies the whole process, making data integration and analysis easier.

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