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Pipedrive X Cube

Optimize sales performance with precision planning

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Plan confidently


Improve sales efficiency

Gain insights into your sales pipeline, analyze performance metrics, and revamp your sales process to drive efficiency.


Plan with

Use driver-based modeling to forecast sales revenue accurately, set realistic quotas, and align strategies to goals.

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Empower sales

Provide your sales teams with actionable insights to make informed decisions and drive revenue growth.

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We've begun using Cube to help analyze profitability by sales job. We've never had such easy access to this type of info in the past, so this is a benefit I can directly attribute to Cube.

Why integrate Pipedrive with Cube

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  • Accurate sales forecasting

    Accurate sales forecasting: Develop precise sales forecasts, enabling better resource allocation and strategic decision-making.

  • Greater collaboration

    Align sales teams and other departments by sharing valuable insights and data, aligning efforts, and driving collective success.

  • Enhanced sales visibility

    Get a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline and monitor sales performance in real-time.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What data can be transferred as part of a Pipedrive and Cube integration?
    Pipedrive data related to leads, deals, contacts, activities, and sales performance metrics can seamlessly integrate with Cube for comprehensive sales planning and analysis.
  • Can the integration between Pipedrive and Cube be customized to meet my specific business requirements?
    Yes, the integration can be tailored to capture and analyze specific data points and metrics relevant to your unique business requirements and objectives.
  • If you were an artist, what would you paint on your first day?
    2-4 weeks
  • What additional analytical capabilities does Cube offer?
    Cube Analytics leverages your data to create powerful visual stories from your connected source systems. Craft multiple dashboards, combining various chart types and data slices for a deeper understanding of how your sales performance metrics fit into the rest of your business data. Customizable visuals and auto-sync functionality keep dashboards updated daily, empowering informed decision-making.

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