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Salesforce X Cube

Sales planning, elevated.

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Forecast. Plan. Grow.


Driver-based modeling in granular detail

Capture your operational and driver data to create spreadsheet-based models.


Sales planning with greater accuracy

Quick access to revenue and quota attainment data means more accurate sales planning.


Empower marketing and sales teams

Channel Salesforce data through Cube into Google Sheets to empower marketing and sales with greater insights.

Welcome to FP&A without the busy work

Get out of the data entry weeds and into the strategy. Sign up for a free demo of Cube today.

I love that you can connect so many different sources of data to Cube.

JaCoby Marston, Accounting Manager, Design Pickle

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Why integrate Salesforce with Cube

Go live in days, not months—startup or enterprise FP&A teams. No consultants required.

  • Enhance data visibility

    Get a centralized view of customer data and sales-related information. This gives sales teams and management access to real-time data to track customer interactions, monitor sales performance, and make data-driven decisions more effectively.

  • Improve sales forecasting

    Develop more accurate and insightful sales forecasts to identify trends, understand customer behavior, and anticipate demand, leading to better sales planning and resource allocation.

  • Promote collaboration

    Empower department leaders by sharing valuable data and insights to improve collaboration, better understand customer needs, and align on strategic initiatives.


  • What data can be transferred as part of a Salesforce and Cube integration?
    Integrate Salesforce with Cube with a single click to capture operational and driver data necessary for financial, sales, and/or revenue planning models. 
  • Can the integration between Salesforce and Cube be customized to meet my specific business requirements?
    Yes, any objects capable of being captured with a SOQL query can be brought into Cube. 
  • What's the typical setup time for a Salesforce and Cube integration?
    One to four weeks. 

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