Turn data into decisions with Cube Analytics

See and explore your data your way. Easily access, filter, and visualize data to make better decisions, faster.

Date & Time

Tues, February 6th, 2024

ET: 1:00 PM | PT: 10:00 AM


45 minutes



Bridge the gap between your data and how you share it! Cube Analytics brings the power of a BI tool directly to your Cube so you can effortlessly create, iterate, and share dashboards built on top of your Cube data.

Cube Analytics is live and available in every Cube instance, if you are new to Cube Analytics or simply want to see some industry best practices for dashboards, on February 6th 1pm ET - 1:45pm ET, we’ll be showing you the ins and outs of Cube Analytics. 

Hosted by our Head of Solutions Consulting, Jim Bullis, this session will cover:

  • How Cube Analytics can impact your decisions
  • How to navigate and customize your dashboard from scratch
  • Tips for getting impactful insights for stakeholders
  • A live walkthrough of Cube Analytics
  • Live Q&A

Dashboards in Cube are more than just charts. They're stories about your company's financial health, told through visualizations powered by your trusted data. It’s time to turn your data into decisions! 

Join us live to participate in our Q&A. Timing doesn’t work? Sign up anyway, and we’ll send you the recording. 


Jim Bullis

Head of Solutions Consulting,

Cube Software

Preston Lam

Customer Marketing Manager,

Cube Software


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