Access Control

Keep your financial data in the right hands

Safeguard sensitive financial information by customizing user permissions and access levels with Cube. Empower users with the right level of access, promoting collaboration while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your financial data.


Easy customization

Tailor access levels to user roles within Cube, enhancing security
and efficiency.


Transparent collaboration

Ensure your team is looking at the same insights, while also safeguarding your data.


Maintain version control

Cube is your single source of truth, making it simple to lock down permissions and keep data from being overwritten.

Role-based access controls

Customize user permissions based on job roles and responsibilities, ensuring that each team member has appropriate access to financial data.


Write protection

Enforce standardized version control by preventing unauthorized changes to data, ensuring accurate analysis.


Collaboration tools

Facilitate secure collaboration among your team, enabling them to share insights, collaborate on financial planning activities, and drive informed decision-making without compromising data integrity.


Anything you can create in a spreadsheet is anything that Cube can store. No need to worry about different versions, version controls, issues auditing work, departments working on previous versions, etc. By storing your data in the cloud, you can maintain one source of truth and work with confidence.

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