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Sales Quota Capacity

Plan more efficiently and accurately by creating quota plans based on your reps, quotas, average deal size and attrition.

Best for: Companies who want to grow their sales arm at a sustainable pace.

Sales Quota Capacity

Sales Quota Capacity

What's Inside

This template allows you to calculate quota plans by including  your HR details by including such things as:

  • Sales Quota
  • Attrition rate
  • Company and Board plan factors
  • Average deal size

Easily tweak your expected employee hires/departures to easily create a couple of different plans.

There's also a quota performance summary tab that shows how well your organization is tracking to plan based on your inputs.

Use with Cube

This is an Excel template. You don't need to be a Cube customer to use it!

But if you are a Cube user, you can start using this template in under two minutes. Here's how.

Step 1: Open the template in Excel or Sheets.

Step 2: Customize the row and column headers to match your Cube's dimensions and filters.

Step 3: Select the range where you want to fetch your data. 

Step 4: Fetch your data.

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All About Sales Quota Capacity

Sales capacity is the maximum amount of revenue your sales representatives are able to bring in at any given point during the fiscal year. You need to know your sales capacity in order to forecast your expected top-line revenue.

Knowing your expected top-line revenue will help you begin your planning cycle with an accurate revenue plan.

Sales quotas and sales rep headcount planning are a good baseline for companies that want to create their revenue plan. This approach is helpful in creating appropriate hiring plans for sales reps and can help incorporate a ramp timeline for reps to accurately represent what they're able to produce during their initial months in the role.

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